Angry Birds game gets own toy just in time for Christmas

4 November 2010

angry birds toyAngry Birds has been one of the massive successes of 2010, with over 11 million copies of the game purchased for the iPad and smartphones. This year, it became the top-selling paid application on Apple's UK App Store in February and reached the top spot on the US App Store in the spring of 2010 where it stayed 'til October. When it was released on the Android, it was downloaded 1 million times in the first 24 hours of release. Astonishing!

And so, here comes the inevitable tie-in. The developer of the game, Rovio Mobile, are releasing Angry Birds plush toys, just in time for impulse buys over Christmas. There will be five toys available, based on the birds in the smash game.

However, there's a snag. If you want one, they're only available in "limited quantities", so you might want to get on it before America finds out. They're retailing at $14.99 and available from a special Angry Birds shop, here.

There's also mutterings that this game could be turned into a cartoon, a TV series or even a film, such is the interest in it. Let's just hope we don't end up with another Crazy Frog on our hands.


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  • Top T.
    RECREATE the thrills of Angry Birds in real life by visiting a farm and flinging chickens at pigs.
  • Robstar
    Looked like "fingering chickens and pigs", what a shame, for the chickens and pigs

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