Android costing operators loads of money in repairs

3 November 2011


Are you an iPhone user, sick of being yelled at by Android users? Here's something for your ammo stockpile. Basically, operators are forking out huge sums of money every year as they try and keep up with repairs and returns on Android mobiles.

They're spending as much as £1.25bn ($2bn) a year, according to a new study.

Of course, the fact that Android are open-source means that it's very likely that stumpy handed doofuses are going break them as they tinker with the insides.

The report says: "One thing we must be absolutely clear on is that our analysis does not find any inherent fault with the Android platform. Its openness has enabled the ecosystem to grow to a phenomenal size, at a phenomenal rate, and it’s this success that is proving challenging."

There's some return ammo for the Android users there. See, it's the fact that Android is available on so many different devices (from cheap tat to top dollar kit), there isn't much in the way of consistency for consumers. This, of course, is in sharp contrast to Apple and BlackBerry who have a tight grip over what goes into their phones.

"Android deployments can never compete with the hardware consistency (or software integration) of some of its competitors," the study said. It pointed out that another reason for returns was "because Android Market displays only apps capable of running on a specific build, a number of operators and retailers have experienced product returns from consumers unable to access the same content as their friends, or the same content and apps as their previous device."

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  • Delenn
    And how much of that money is because the operators insist on loading phones up with bloatware, rather than using manufacturer direct firmware?
  • Brad
    So Android costs mobile operators,Not me, money to sort them out (After they have loaded it with tat.) Everything went better then expected.
  • Brandon H.
    Orange, i'm looking at you as a big bloatware offender.
  • Orange
    sorry Brandon, I'll try to do better next time.
  • The B.
    Did I mention my HTC Desire is running Cyanogen and without the bloatware it's doubled the battery life?
  • oliverreed
    @brad win-win My heart bleeds for those piss pot poor operators
  • Dick
    > Basically, operators are forking out huge sums of money every year as they try and keep up with repairs and returns on Android mobiles. Whereas iphone users are forking out huge sums of money every year as they try and keep up with buying incremental products so that they can do what Android mobile users can do.
  • Steve
    Ha ha. Crappy fragmented slow android. How fitting they break down all the time.
  • PokeHerPete
    Im gonna say Im not a fan boy but I probably am. But... Android is a sack of shit compared to the iPhone. So what if the Android does more, but Id rather a phone which does a bit less and do the jobs I need to it to do properly. After 2 years of poor looking after its time to replace my 3GS. At the moment I can either spend £400 on a S2 or a extra £100 for a 4S. Its a bit of a no brainer really, while both are extortionately high prices, it is worth paying a extra £100 for a phone which does its fucking job properly. Plus the S2 will probably be worth around £100 in 6 months time anyway.
  • The B.
    @PokeHerPete - Funny I feel exactly the same way about the iPhone, my 3g used to crash all the time, every upgrade I'd have to reinstall from a fresh install of iTunes on a different box and then sync to my iTunes box, I lost all my contact info, it was an utter piece of shit. My missus has an iPhone 4, same thing, she's asked me to get her an MP3 player for Christmas as she's sick of having to resync her music every iTunes destroys her phone. My mum has an iPod Touch, same thing. But you know what, my Android is great, not a single problem with it except for the bloatware installed by HTC and Vodafone, once that's gone it blows the crap out of the flakey turd that is the iPhone, still, opinions are like arseholes.
  • dai
    The thing is, you *can* repair android devices...
  • klingelton
    i don't plug my iphone into itunes for fear of fucking it up. it happened once before and im scared to upgrade now. that said, backing it up isn't such a chore, just takes a while. the thing that annoys me most is that peice of shit software "itunes" it's terrible! i basically like the phone though. Android is still a bit rough around the edges, but it's great fun to play with. my htc desire z recently broke and htc had it repaired and returned within 2 days. bet apple couldn't manage that turn around!
  • Anne D.
    At least Android phone don't suffer from 'water damage' from just being used. Miond you, 'high end' HTC devices are not better than the cheap crud. My Desire Z lasted less than 5 months before they had to replace the phone because it had fried itself.
  • @PokeHerPete
    Deluded fool. Baa baa.
  • zleet
    I've only had android phones since I moved to smartphones and never had an issue, even if I did I'm not a fucking retard so could fix 99% of software issues. I do seem to spend half my time fixing various iPhones for family because they seem incapable of remembering how to reset the thing, but then again one of them had to read a credit card over the phone to me on the opposite side of the country because they didn't know how to use amazon so I'm lucky they remember to breathe and not stare at the sun.

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