Android 2.2 gets tethering - we're giving Apple 18 months to live

1695818 It’s almost all over for Apple. Missing prototype iPhones, worker suicides, a deranged ‘no nipples’ rule and now they’re about to be battered by Google and their secret weapon - a frozen yoghurt.

The new version of the Android operating system, 2.2, aka Froyo (short for 'frozen yoghurt') is due to be launched next week at the latest. And as well as having full Flash support, it’ll also have built-in USB tethering, allowing users to share their data connections with their laptops (which we’re sure will delight the mobile phone networks.) There’ll even be the ability to turn the handset into a portable WiFi hotspot. What has the iPhone got in comparison to all of that? A new level on Angry Birds. Pah! It's not even that hard to complete!

Meanwhile, Adobe are fighting back against Apple’s anti-Flash stance, taking out a series of ads and calling Steve Jobs and his crazy crew knobheads. Or something.

Here’s our predictions for the inevitable end of Apple – we’re giving them 18 months at the most...

JULY 2010:  Apple remove the ability to watch Downfall parodies on the iPhone after Steve Jobs calls them ‘kinda silly.’

NOVEMBER 2010:  After series of increasingly ridiculous bids, Jobs buys Adobe so that he can rid the world of Flash forever. He even buys the rights to the popular kitchen cleaning product of the same name as well as the rights to Flash Gordon. He then fires the whole lot of it into outer space.

APRIL 2011:  Apple bring out iPad 2.0 but it contains a number of enormous glitches. Users who run the ‘Etch-A-Sketch’ app are unable to exit it, rendering their iPads useless… unless they love Etch-A-Sketch.

SEPTEMBER 2011:  The final straw for the keen-eyed consumer… the iBundle. Every Apple product that has been made since 1984 is fixed together in one humungous lump and none of them can be purchased separately. RRP - £26,000.


  • ButterMan
    Sorry to be the "I was doing this years ago, blah blah yawn" guy, but I was doing this years ago with a P910 and T-Mobile web'n'walk...
  • Wonky H.
    I was doing this with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and a CB radio. Whilst bumming a fox.
  • Wonky H.
    it wasn't years ago. Only last week as it happens.
  • Andy D.
    So was I ButterMan but I couldn't play Angry Birds at the same time.
  • Harry
    I was doing it today with my rooted HTC Hero... ...for my wifi iPad *runs*
  • cooki
    Ammm the iphone already has usb tethering in the uk anyway
  • Tony
    This'll give Vodafone something else to whinge about!
  • Rolly
    I f****** hate Apple.
  • Colin W.
    Another anti-Apple post on Bitterwallet? What a surprise! What next? "An iPad raped my dog" or "Our Maddie Kidnapped by Steve Jobs"
  • Nokia P.
    Only homo's use iPhones!
  • iPhone
    Only homos use iPhones? Damn. I so enjoy straight sex. But Angry Birds is pretty good fun, too... I just can't decide. I just hate this new rule--I want to be straight *and* use my iPhone but... Oh this is too hard.
  • Android
    [...] 78 Times in 59 Posts teehee Android 2.2 gets tethering – we’re giving Apple 18 months to live | BitterWallet It’s almost all over for Apple. Missing prototype iPhones, worker suicides, a deranged [...]
  • fvds
    The iPhone has internet tethering also anyone with half a braincell can tell that apple have been using these accidental losses as free advertising.
  • The B.
    Right, so you've realised that we all think Apple users are cunts so you're going to tout Android and make us Droid users look like cunts, stop it, we can do it on our own by sneering ay the fuckers.
  • Mike U.
    iPhone againt the wall, Desire is the way of the future
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I own a iPhone 3gs, iPod touch 8GB and would like to FUCK Lily Allen. Am i allowed to say "FUCK" on this blog? I got banned from the Daily Mail web site when i wrote David Cameron will "FUCK" Nick Clegg, but when i wrote this on the Guardian web site i didn't get banned. Thanks, and i will help you with "True or False" on Friday.
  • Ivor B.
    Stop having a dig at Apple. Some people like it, some people like Android. Just like marmite. Some love it, others hate it. Rant over (-;
  • Android A.
    [...] Accroding to this article it will also allow wireless tethering: Android 2.2 gets tethering – we’re giving Apple 18 months to live | BitterWallet [...]
  • Johnnie M.
    Must admit - MyWi on iPhone is awesome.
  • Brian C.
    Turn your phone into a portable Wifi Hotspot? Pah. My HD2 already has this facility (granted T-Mobile and O2 remove the function, but you can easily put it back).
  • Adam
    Who photoshopped the headstone? 605px × 626px and 1110.22 kB!!! I take it BW isnt 56k friendly lol
  • chicken f.
    This is a great article and I agree that I look at iphone/apple users in shame. Apple want to restrict everything you do for their own financial gain and it is ironic that it will be the same thing that kills them. Its about fucking time they die. Their users are up tight assholes that think they have "style" when in actuality it is some dildo-esque object rammed so far up their ass that they think they are steve jobs. End statement.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    It is a known fact that the only reason why Apple are refusing to allow Flash on their devices, is so that people can't just play free browser/flash games on them. Hence forcing them to buy their games from their shitty overpriced app store and make them more money. Facists.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Infact, I remember that Apple refused to sign a C64 emulator off, because (their reason) the emulator could be used to make their own games that Apple wouldn't have control over (IE wouldn't be paid for).
  • Me
    I have a 3gs, would love an ipad but honestly, £500 quid for something that won't run flash? I have always bought apple Macs, ipods, iphones, etc but I really feel they are going down the same route as microsoft. Yes Apple have cool looking products, great design, ease of use, etc but they are shooting themselves in the foot on this one. It will cost em in the end.
  • Mr G.
    My Nokia E71 does tethering as standard, becomes a mobile wifi hotspot using Joiku and allows me to watch YouTube videos. So, big woop. Have you noticed how iPhone apps seem to fall into two categories: apps which make up for not having a decent browser/screen combination (do nothing other than reformat data which is on the web anyway) and and games that wouldn't have been good enough for the BBC micro?
  • Star W.
    Its a well known fact that Android/ Desire users have never seen a woman naked... FFS get a life you bunch of fricking losers. Some people have Iphones some people have HTC and guess what... some people have neither.
  • sales c.
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  • forum r.
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