And the brands played on, Google top of the world

Bad luck, Sky Marshall! Try as hard as you like, but your wacky Poundstretcher-style stunts have failed to put Ryanair top of the pile for the annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report.

Some wankery-sounding outfit called BrandZ has been pumping out their list for the past five years, evaluating customer opinion and awareness of the brands we consume like starved locusts. It's therefore no surprise to see an unfamiliar name crop up in the top ten, but Vodafone at number 10? And tabs too? No Fray Bentos? Hello, McFly?

1. Google

2. IBM

3. Apple

4. Microsoft

5. Coca Cola

6. McDonald's

7. Marlboro

8. China Mobile

9. General Electric

10. Vodafone


  • wonky h.
    no foxy bingo?
  • Nobby
    Computers, fast food, smoking and talking. Sums up todays world.
  • dunfyboy
    Brands with a Z instead of the S. Right up there with Kwik Save. Who, as it turns out, were 101st.

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