Analogue radios to be ditched by 2015

old_radio Yesterday, we announced the death of analogue television – today, we’re killing off analogue radio.

The Thatcherite tribute band better known as the coalition government are set to announce another digital switchover, this time for radio. The plans were laid while Labour were at the helm, with a 2015 target date for everyone to be either listening to radio via a digital set or online.

In a nutshell, that will reportedly make 100 million existing analogue radios about as useful as a paper fishing rod and mean that 30 million car radios would be scrapped or converted. All so that we can listen to Chris Moyles talking while he’s eating a fucking sausage sandwich in the mornings.

How will it affect you? Does anyone ever listen to analogue radio any more? Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Tell us in the box below…


  • Joff
    Radio is possibly the one medium I use that keeps me connected to the analogue world - all the radios in the house and the car are analogue, not one digital device in sight.
  • Laurz
    We have one DAB radio here (for football commentary) but apart from that its all analogue using good old FM. Frankly I find DAB to be pure shite
  • F. F.
    BW = Anti Chris Moyles or they love commerical radio?
  • parpparp
    The entire body of sane people who have been unfortunate enough to experience Chris Moyles = anti-Chris Moyles.
  • H A.
    This really annoys me. I mean, sure, I happily forked out for a digital TV years ago and more recently a HDTV because of the improvements over the old analogue sets. With radio it's a bit different... I'd guess that the majority of folk only listen to radio in the car like I do, and I'm not happy to be forced into forking out for a new car radio/upgrade. They should force all car manufacturers to install DAB radios as standard from this point onwards if they're going to turn off the analogue signal any time in the future, will at least reduce the cost to the public.
  • milky
    I use dab radios very successfully & so does my 6 yr old who recently had one put in her room, for radio 7's kids morning show of cbeebies, it wakes her pleasantly & slowly without having to chivy her along, happier child! she knows how to change stations, retune, add favourites, etc ..model is a Pure bug too. I use mainly Pure brand due to their great investment & incorperation of decent chip technology, some, if not the 1st to offer software upgrades etc.. if your reception on a dab is crap, then try a dab aerial, they can be very discreetly placed & shoul up your signal nicely in most normal cases. We have 4 dedicated dabs in operation round the house, best bit, turning off at the wall during the day, they retain their settings including morning alarms.
  • Ballu
    1: problem of going through small tunnels with digital signal needs addressing... buffering?? 2: current radios need adapting in cars via FM tuner!! causing signal jam on 87-88FM... 3: it just wont happen! I have DAB at home- great. just doesnt work in car!
  • Simon B.
    DAB is good, but it is far from ready to replace FM. FM still provides better audio quality and a better signal when moving. They need to do this over a longer period of time and they need to force car manufacturers to include the right kit for a number of years before the change. My two year old car doesn't have DAB, nor do most brand new ones. The high cost of upgrading manufacturer fitted stereos means half the UK will end up loosing a service.
  • Mark
    I live in a basement flat in a bad reception area, and can get a slightly fuzzy but perfectly adequate analogue reception on both radio and television. However, even with a powerful aerial booster, digital Freeview is barely watchable, and the DAB radio I bought is just as bad, and has been confined to a cupboard. I could care less about digital TV, as I rarely watch anything on broadcast, but it annoys me that I will have to scrap two perfectly serviceable radios (one of which I've had over twenty years) and spend a couple of hundred quid on something like a Squeezebox just to be able to listen to the news in the morning.
  • Stu
    I have a brand new fairly high-range Japanese car with lots of toys in, yet it doesn't have a DAB. In fact, I would have to pay a considerable amount to get the DAB upgrade. So, this is saying that my car will be as good as useless in 5 years time? How many people have a car 5 years or older? 2015 is very unlikely. Car DAB radios are still rarer than rocking horse shit. You been reading the Daily Mail again?
  • Euan
    FM's absolutely fine for me in the car - any "better quality" from DAB (which I know is very arguable) is quickly lost amidst engine, tyre, and general traffic noise. Currently happy enough with stock factory radio in car, which will presumably need to be replaced with a nice nickable aftermarket one. Joy. DAB's not much dab at doing the time, either, is it - couple of seconds' delay?
  • milky
    there is a car version (or was) by Pure for around £70, For those who complain about the sound, AVOID plastic box wrapped / surrounds for audio you really value, which is wy my bedroom Dab is plastic, it's an alrm primarily) downstairs units are wooden enclosures so adds some weight & depth to the overall vocalisation. christ I've just noticed a sensible thread & no mention of DABbling with foxes bums or Dr Fox etc etc, ...spose it better be me then (sigh)
  • Roger R.
    So what's the advantage of digital radio over analogue? Seems like a massive waste to me. Hope it doesn't happen.
  • GigerPunk
    Ohhh for f....I listen to the radio either in the garden on a perfectly serviceable old Roberts radio and occasionally in the car on a stereo that can't (easily) be replaced due to a lack of fascia surround for my car. Great. Have a digital radio in the kitchen and find it to be not worth the extra 'leccy. It's slower, not as good sound quality as my old Roberts tranny and eats electricty (whilst getting suspiciously warm). And now I'll have to fork out to replace all my perfectly fine radios with similar cheap and shoddy digital ones? (that in the case of my garden radio, probably won't last anywhere near as long before the batteries go flat) Marvellous. Is there anywhere you can (futilely) register your unhappiness with this, in the hope maybe it won't happen? Oh and Mark? I'm with you on your last point but it's "Couldn't care less", not what you typed -
  • Chris
    What's wrong with Chris Moyles? But I agree that car manufacturers should be forced to install DAB radios from now on. In this instance I think the government shoiuld give every household a dab converter free of charge(or at a heavily discounted rate) if they plan to do this. The US government gave everybody a free digital converter during their digital tv switchover
  • MarkA
    Dab is rubbish - I only get one station, admittedly one more than analogue. Any Cemeron et al are going to replace the millions of car radios??? I think not.
  • M4RKM
    I'm fully dabbed up. Yes, I want a built in dab in my car, but currently ,my handheld plugged into the aux does the trick...
  • Humpty, M.
    I believe DAB radios 3 times more power hungry than normal radios? .... well that helps our green credentials... strasbourg or brussels ..make your mind up.
  • Ray H.
    FM and medium wave will be empty so the pirates will take over in a big way. It might even be better lol...
  • Tsung
    Green? what about the thousands or millions of old radios that will have to be scrapped? vast majority I suspect will go to landfill, how is that in any way green? If the UK gov. wants to move everybody to digital radio they need to start at the bottom.. 1. Ban thesale of all analogue radios (in cars and shops) 2. Over time, people will not have a choice but to buy digitial. 3. After a long time... Switch off analogue. The problem with radio's is they seem to keep on working and working and working and working..
  • Ray H.
    Chris said... "I think the government should give every household a dab converter free of charge". Big problem... The government doesn't have any money - it's our money. We are the tax payers and we will be the ones paying!
  • jaffacake
    DAB radios use about five times as much power as the old analogue type, and are often only broadcast in mono NOT stereo. I can't see any advantages so far.....
  • Yue A.
    VAT on replacing 30 million car radios, not to mention those that have radios handy around the house or work. Hmm, I wonder why they are pushing this through to beat the date of the next election.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Time to invest in Kenwood shares then, I guess...
  • dai
    DAB is utterly useless for pretty much any application ever. There is no reason a sane person would choose to listen to DAB rather than either FM or online radio. Online radio will eventually kill FM with the growth of more widespread and cheaper HPDSA, WiMax and the like. In about 15-20 years or so.
  • dunfyboy
    My 5 year old car's got DAB. What's wrong with you people? Keep up! Having said that, I never listen to the radio. The whole time the DJ's wittering on I just think "shut up and play some fucking music". Then they do, and I wish they hadn't bothered. I do feel sorry for Stu though. "So, this is saying that my car will be as good as useless in 5 years time?"
  • Ray H.
    I agree with Dunfyboy... Radio is crap these days. It was ruined by the government and the BBC when they colluded to destroy Radio Caroline. Put all the crap stations on DAB and bring back Caroline and London etc on medium wave.
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  • Marilyn W.
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  • tomseay
    As long as FM is free, it will survive. TV went digital solely b/c of the picture. DAB and on-line radio offer no local advertising, and until they do, again, FM is here to stay.

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