Amazon's Kindle Fire and the unhappy customers

12 December 2011

Amazon-Kindle-FireAmazon have been heavily promoting the Kindle Fire, but alas, it hasn't been setting consumers world alight (pun intended) with many sending their tablets back to the retailer.

What's the problem? Well, some of the complaints focus of the layout of the device. A lack of external volume control is bugging those that have bought a Fire, as well as an off-switch that is easy to hit by accident. Not to mention pages take a long time to load, no privacy controls on the gadget, meaning that anyone picking it up after you've used it will instantly know everything you've just been doing.

“In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire,” said Drew Herdener, a company spokesman. Apparently, this will mean improvements in performance and multitouch navigation. Customers will also have the option of editing the list of items that show what they have recently been doing.

Amazon need to act sharpish. The Fire has just over a third of the 4,500 reviews on Amazon mixed-to-negative (that's three stars or fewer).

Browsing websites has been hugely problematic according to reviews, apart from (naturally), the Amazon shopping page. Conspiracy theorists have taken to saying that 'Amazon deliberately designed a poor Web browsing user experience to keep Fire users from shopping on competing sites'.

If you've managed to acquire one ahead of the UK launch, have you had problems with it? Tell us all about it why don't you?

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  • Sicknote
    I've been lucky enough to have a good long play on the Fire and I don't think I'd stump the cash for one they eventually hit the UK. Saying that, my assumption is that the Fire will be priced about £199.
  • Phil
    Meh. Its a first release. You never get the first release of something big like this. The next version will have many of these issues fixed and probably better spec. Early adopters are basically paying to test these devices!
  • Mike H.
    "Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the unhappy customers" You mean that they're still unhappy with their empty little lives, even though they are surrounded by shite they don't really need?
  • klingelton
    I wouldn't buy a tablet. Ipad, Fire or anything else. They're pointless useless tat. Unless someone can find a reason for me to have one, i won't be buying.
  • Swan V.
    I have also had a play on the fire and it was not a experience I enjoyed. My feet are still blistered.
  • Zleet
    @klingelton Android tablets support flash so free porn video sites can be viewed one handed.
  • Sproutey
    So, something 10.1" in each hand for me then... ;-)

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