Amazon's biggest a cable.

15 October 2013

What do you reckon keeps Amazon going? Harry Potter books? Downton Abbey boxsets? Well, no, actually – Amazon’s biggest star is the ultra sexy, ultra famous HDMI to HDMI gold plated connector, priced £1.26.

hdmi cable

The much loved cable is one of several tedious technological necessities that regularly outsell anything Lady Gaga has to offer. In honour of Amazon’s 15th anniversary, the company (worth $120 billion) has released a list of their all time bestsellers, and the results are not what you might expect.

Adele’s dreary arsed album is on the list, as is the BDSM snorefest 50 Shades of Grey. JK Rowling gets a look in, as does Call of Duty and One Direction. But none of the world’s megastars could beat the SanDisk 8G Memory Card (£5.49). Yes, the SanDisk 8G is more sought after than Harry Styles humping Adele in a red room of pain. *shudder*

So after this shock news, expect gossip columnists everywhere to be on the look out for what the SanDisk 8G is wearing on the red carpet, and whether the HDMI cable is having a female to female affair with a DVI adapter. (What a slaaag!)

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