Amazon unleash smarthome gizmos!

Amazon unleash smarthome gizmos!

Tech companies are very keen to turn your home into a 'smarthome', presumably tired of how 'stupid' your homes currently are.

With that, Amazon are selling a robot assistant which can control your whole house, in the UK!

The Alexa-powered Echo, and Echo Dot is available for pre-order, but what do they actually do?

Well, they're hands-free, voice-controlled devices where you can play music, control your smart-device around the house, set alarms, control light switches and thermostats, and all that junk.

Of course, if your house is largely filled with things that aren't rigged up to Bluetooth, this is pretty much useless to you. However, it is the future by the looks of it, and soon, we'll all be talking to our washing machines like grandma talks to her car.

The Echo will cost you £149.99, and Prime customers will get £50 knocked off the price as a thank-you for a limited period.

The Echo Dot will also be sold at the same time, going on sale for £49.99.

You can pre-order the devices by clicking these differently coloured words right here.

If you're still confused about all this, you can watch this video below and if you're still flummoxed, these probably aren't the droids you're looking for.

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