Amazon to launch smartphone with 3D interface, this month!

5 June 2014

amazoninstant There's been loads of speculation about Amazon lately. Just what are they up to? Of course, Amazon are enjoying it greatly and saying nothing, leaving publications to blither on endlessly about what they've got planned.

And we're no different.

However, it looks like the increasingly loud mutterings about an Amazon smartphone are going to be true.

Amazon have promised that we're all going to see their newest, shiniest thing on June 18th and all signs point to a new smartphone, and it will probably have a 3D interface, which is gimmicky as hell, but some of us really like sparkly gimmicks.

By process of elimination, you have to assume it will be a new phone because Amazon TV is already a thing and the Kindle Fire HDX is basically a tablet, so there's only going to be a load of fanfare over something new (to the company). It seems that the interface is the real highlight too, as you can see in the Amazon teaser video below.

In it, you see ahem "Amazon customers" being overjoyed and bowled-over by the product they hold in their hands. It is "fantastic" and "pretty damn intuitive".

There's been 3D phones in the past and they didn't do too well. LG's Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D didn't exactly set the world on fire. The teaser video shows someone saying "it moved with me" which sounds like an interface that will allow you to navigate the menus and the like, by tilting the phone.

With eye-tracking and 3D display, you should be able to see sub-menus in layers, which are only visible as soon as you tilt the phone to a particular angle.

Or is it going to be a bona-fide hologram phone?

This could be really good for mobile games too and, like the Kindle, this new device will run on a tailored version of Android. Now, the big question is: Does anyone want a phone made by Amazon?

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  • Sawyer
    I'll take an Amazon phone... but they need to get their store up to scratch. Plenty of Android apps out there that the Kindle Fires are capable of running but developers haven't bothered or don't want to release for them (are Amazon taking a bigger cut than Google? I don't know). Then again a search for Amazon Phone shows that people have been predicting this release since 2012, so I won't hold my breath. It could just be another Paperwhite.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Thats was possibly the gayest promo vid I have ever seen!

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