Amazon to launch gaming console?

gaming kids Apparently, Amazon are developing an Android-operated gaming console which will be available to buy "by the end of the year," according to various sources who cite people "who have knowledge of the in-development hardware."

It is rumoured that the console will have a dedicated controller, use Amazon's library of Android titles on its marketplace and will roll out "most likely by Black Friday."

Of course, Amazon are already selling a number of Android devices, such as their range of Kindle Fire tablets and the rumored a smartphone with a 3D screen.

And this won't be the first console to use Google's smartphone/tablet operating system, as there's the Kickstarted Ouya and PlayJam's GameStick. Google themselves are rumoured to be looking at their own Android-powered console too. Reports have also said that Google have privately displayed a prototype of a set-top box device featuring a camera and motion sensor during this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

If Google and Amazon are getting involved, could this be a huge shift in the future of gaming? Nintendo are struggling to win hearts and minds with Wii U - could some new players bring fresh ideas and become the future of video games?


  • fibbingarchie
    It's launching with a free game where you have to try and buy lots and lots of toys from and get them paid for and delivered before mummy and daddy find out.
  • oliverreed
    Haven't the Ouya and Gamestick flopped? Retron 9 FTW.
  • Dick
    Did you airbrush Rolf Harris out of that photo?
  • Big M.
    @Dick, yeah. I reckon that is why the kids mouths are wide open.

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