Amazon to bring Fire encryption back

7 March 2016

kindle-fire-hd Remember last week, when we told you about Amazon's stupid decision to get rid of the encryption on their Fire and Kindle devices?

Well, it seems like Amazon have noticed the backlash from the press and fury from their customers, and decided to bring back the safeguards for their customers.

It looks like there's going to be a new update in the next couple of months which will bring back support for encrypting your documents and data that are stored on your tablets.

"We will return the option for full disk encryption with a Fire OS update coming this spring,” said a spokesman for Amazon to The Register.

The backlash that followed Amazon's announcement wasn't at all surprising, given that many tech companies are showing support for Apple, as the FBI try to gain access via the encryption on iPhones and iPads. That support also came from Amazon themselves, which made their decision even more baffling.

Either way, it is good that Amazon are decided to change their minds on this, even if it took everyone getting flabbergasted at them to do so.

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