Amazon recruitment agent boasts about stopping people's benefits

Salt of the earth recruitment agent Kelly-Jane Stone from Watford, who is responsible for finding staff for Amazon, has been bragging on Twitter about how much fun it is to stop her client's benefits if they don’t turn up for an interview with her.

Tweeting as @DietQueen (which says it all, really), Kelly-Jane said: In my new job, if people from the [job centre] don’t turn up to an appointment with me, I stop their benefits for 13 weeks... suckers.'

She continued: 'I get so much pleasure knowing what I can do if the [sic] mess me around. I’m going to be shot one day for it I bet!'

Then she explained: ‘I had someone who’s been claiming for 10 years and his benefits were stopped because he told me he gets more through the Government than working. Even his housing benefits stopped... bliss.’

Nice, eh? Well, soon Kelly-Jane will find out what it’s like on the other side of the benefits divide, as her bosses say she is suspended - pending a full investigation.

Now someone else has taken over the original @DietQueen Twitter account to post positive statements about people on benefits.

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  • Kapitein Z.
    This has to be one of the best stories I've even seen on BW. Karma dude.
  • Colin
    whats wrong with this? If someone is claiming they are supposed to be looking for work and if they don't turn up for an interview they get benefits reduced or stopped, don't see the problem myself....its another bitter article from Lucy about someone who actually has a job who she doesn't like (ie anyone who has actually done well for themselves)
  • shiftynifty
    Colin....and yeah with a monicker like that you will not be on any short the article again you fuckwit
  • Grammar N.
    @ Colin. In principle you are right, but the issue is more with her joy at the whole thing. The power trip and the proud public broadcasting of her ability to adversely affect others is very distasteful to say the least.
  • Jim
    @GrammarNazi why shouldn't someone derive job satisfaction for punishing those who steal from tax payers and waste the time and money of businesses any more than a copper enjoy nicking people who shoplift?
  • MickB
    @Jim - well, its not her job, is it ? She's supposed to be recuiting staff, not getting them sanctioned. She has no power to impose sanctions in her job - only the DWP can do that, although Work Programme advisers can set you up for one. So it sounds like she's reporting back to DWP or WP - presumably one or other is sending her applicants - private and confidential conversations she had with people. And to think i used to wonder how the Nazis ever found people to be concentration camp guards, etc. Either that or she's a fantasist - who in their right mind would tell details like that to a stranger ?
  • tom
    Chewbacca you'd make horrible dog food, all full of gristle and fat. You'd be very chewy... ha ha haaaa
  • jokester
    If some lazy fucker on benefits can't even be arsed turning up for a job interview then they don't deserve a penny. It's absolutely pathetic how many people stay on benefits just because they can get paid for sitting on their arses!
  • Dick
    They still have to get up to go for a piss. Well, most of the time. Unless there is a good bit in Jeremy Kyle.
  • So T.
    @Tim It must have taken you all day to think that one up, well done! You fucking moron.
  • Grandma N.
    what IF you are unemployed, & sending out multiple applications & enquiries? don't have money to burn on petrol, public transport, or could be planning a route on your pushbike to keep the cost down, would you turn up at a proven shit job for amazon or similar if the sniff of something else was in the offing!?'d attend the interview or knock on the door of what sounded likely & positive not some dreary bitch like this, who, then makes assumptions as to your attendance & interferes with your likely only financial lifeline because she is an ignorant, meddling bitch not looking at the wider picture, merely meddling because she feels she can regardless of whether it is warranted or not & doubtless not knowing any individuals background unless colluding with someone, in a govt department that should not be sharing such information. what a fucking moron! bet her Dad's proud.
  • shakesheadsadly
    1. Is she right for reporting people for not turning up for interviews and 'bragging' about earning more on the Dole? - Absolutely. Be clear that she herself is not stopping the benefits, she is just reporting them. And the DWP won't just stop a persons benefits on the say so of one person. So if Sharmaine Jeremykyle really did just miss the bus, he/she/it will be fine. 2. Is she right for posting this all over twitter? - Absolutely not. 3. Are her employers right to suspend her for misconduct? - Absolutely. I fail to understand why people think they can post anything they like to a public forum like twitter, and not expect consequences. It's very simple. If you wouldn't say it to a crowded room containing amongst others your boss, your grannie and the police, don't put it on the internet.
  • John S.
    What the hell have we come to as a country! When we employ such evil and malicious bullying scum who take obvious pleasure in driving poor people into utter destitution at any concievable opportunity? And who is clearly abusing the powers the government have given her, and openly boasting of taking a gleeful pleasure in doing so, clearly enjoying it. And the sorry fact is that I know of people who have been on the recieving end of this sort of victimisation, wholly without good cause. One had his benefits stopped for four weeks for refusing to apply for a driving job – when he doesn’t actually have a driving license and has never had so much as a single driving lesson! Fact is, such malicious and hateful bullying scum, full of utter contempt for the people they are supposed to be helping, are widespread amongst frontline DWP employees and the staff of many of the private companies that the government has contracted to work with them. The only difference between them and the repugnant, sadistic, bullying scum above, is that she was stupid enough to go public about her attitude and activities. Today, anyone working with anyone requiring welfare assistance has a powerful array of sanctions at their disposal that simply didn’t exist 20 years ago. The merits of that is a diversion that I don’t intend to go down because that is really another topic. But what needs to be stated clearly is that such power must be accompanied by responsibility, and if it needs to be used at all, must be used responsibly. Handing these powers to the sort of people who hate those they have the power over so much that they take gleeful pleasure in destroying their lives, using words like “bliss” to describe how they feel after removing someone’s ability to eat and put a roof over their heads, is surely something that needs to be more closely looked at. Much more oversight is clearly needed over who these organisations employ!
  • Bri Y.
    Fair play to her. Not right saying it publicly, but I agree that if you don't turn up to an interview, then you should lose your benefits. Why should the rest of the country support your lazy ass. Not turning up to the interview proves you don't want a job.
  • MingTheMerciless
    She should be sacked and put in the dole herself. There are a lot of people put out of work as their job is moved overseas to save money or otherwise hours cut because new immigrants will do it for less money. These are people who have paid into the system for decades and now have to pack boxes for a tax avoiding company like this! Sacked workers should be able to claim benefits for 6 months based on their contributions and not have these sanctions applied.
  • Sumpte
    Er, what's the problem exactly? She's talking about stopping fraudster's claims. I.e. people who are intentionally avoiding work (i.e. applying for jobs and then not turning up if they get an interview). She is reporting them, and they are getting their benefits stopped. That's a good system in work, and it's fine to get pleasure from justice. She's daft for posting this publicly but not 'wrong'. She's not admitting anything confidential, or that practically anyone else in her position would be thinking. I'm the first to defend legitimate claimants, of which the majority are, but she's talking about fraudsters. Fair game to her, and it's a shame she's lost her job because of people's delicate sensibilities about the subject.
  • andy
    So 'dietqueen' thinks it's ok to shop benefit claimants? Maybe she should report her employers for all the corporation tax it weasels out of paying. Says everything you need to know about Amazon employing an arsehole like that in the first place.
  • Chewbacca
    @Staffy Fanny Thanks for the support. I presume that you've had a shit and have now moved on to vaginas? The fucking morons. (not a personal thing, just what I "do", y'see...)
  • JR
    Transline Group don't come out of this looking good either, they after all employed her, and presumably employ other people with similar 'abusive' tendencies. She probably just the tip of the Transline abuse iceberg.
  • Mr B.
    @Chewbacca Clearly this woman deserves to lose her job, and anyone who supports her needs their head examined. Tell me, have you been unemployed recently? Why don’t you give it a try. I’m sure £90 a fortnight would allow you to pay for food, electricity and gas, while having a lovely amount left over to pay for that holiday you've always wanted. Who’s to say that the woman you mentioned wasn't on her way to a job interview, or suffering from an illness. Frankly speaking, I don’t see why well-educated people should be patronised and degraded by people such as yourself.

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