Amazon Kindle goes Paperwhite with Lending Library in UK

kindle paperwhiteAmazon are to release the £109 Paperwhite has their first backlit Kindle in the UK and, if you want to bag one, it'll be shipping on October 25th if you preorder it today.

And what will you get for your reading buck?

Well, there's the Lending Library which means you can 'borrow' a book per month from a selection of 200,000 and read for free if you have a Kindle (and provided you're a Prime customer).

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive, said: "We’re already seeing the programme’s success in the US for both readers and authors—customers are reading more and authors are reaching a whole new audience while making money in a new way."

The touchscreen Paperwhite gives users the opportunity to manually-adjust the backlight and is a higher definition than the Kindles that went before it. The battery will last for up to 8 weeks and, if you want a 3G connection, you can buy a 3G version for £169.

Bezos went onto to describe the Paperwhite as "the Kindle we have always wanted to build", and said it had 25% better contrast and 62% more pixels than the last Kindle.


  • ipuser
    a book per month!?
    Hi there, your first paragraph seems odd.
  • Chester
    Amazon will be broke by 2014, they are a financial train wreck.

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