Amazon is the new Netflix (or so it reckons)

21 February 2014

Not wanting to be left out of the hugely lucrative Pay TV sector, Amazon is planning to launch a live streaming video service that will apparently rival Netflix.

It already exists in the US, where subscribers to Prime Instant Video get movies (via LoveFilm)m become Amazon Prime customers and get free next day delivery, and are given access to a massive Kindle library. All so they can buy even more stuff from Amazon and it can take over the world! Muah ha ha! And it’s coming to the UK, all for the annual price of £79.


But is this just a cynical way to schmoosh together a bunch of existing services and try to make it sound exciting? Will it be as good as Netflix? The Netflix that gave us House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? The Netflix that doesn’t demand that we buy stuff all the time, and just lets us catch up with 38 seasons of Fringe without bothering us? And let's face it, LoveFilm’s streaming capabilities are a little less advanced than Netflix - in fact some think it should just change its name to ‘Buffering.’

But the robots people at Amazon are really super stoked about this. It’s a multichannel behemoth, OK? Tim Leslie from Amazon Germany said:

'We’ve worked hard to offer the best selection of TV shows and movies for Prime Instant Video. We also added high definition video and introduced apps for popular devices like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Samsung and Sony TVs and iPads and iPhones.’

Buy it now! Add to basket! You will comply!

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  • Steve
    They need to support a few more devices. I bought a Roku device to get Netflix and then upgraded my TV to a Panasonic which also supports Netflix, neither if which have an Amazon app available.
  • Denny
    And for existing Prime subscribers who have no interesting in the disappointing LoveFilm catalogue it's just a £30 a year prize rise.
  • Jemima
    Amazon Prime does not give you free next day delivery. It's "one day" delivery. Big difference. Plus it's not on everything, so on many items it's not even free.

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