Amazon comes up with WorkMail

29 January 2015

amazoninstant Amazon are in the process of launching a new corporate email service. The online Mothra will offer the email and calendar service for office types, in a bid to rub up against Google and Microsoft.

They're calling it Amazon WorkMail, and is said to be tougher than the rest, as regards data storage and security.

Ever since that Edward Snowden blabbed about the US government, started handing out National Security Agency documents like free samples and said how leaky they were, that's been enough to get everyone a bit paranoid.

The general distrust about Google and Microsoft being too big, has let Amazon see a hole that it can fill in the market, according to TJ Keitt, an analyst at Forrester: “Lots of questions have been raised about US companies’ relations to the NSA and the federal government and their stance towards subpoenas, and Amazon hasn’t been as battered by the documents that came from Mr Snowden as Microsoft and Google have been,”

This is yet one more step on for Amazon, who will be replacing our eyes come 2018, you mark our words.

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