Amazon are developing a 3D smartphone

10 May 2013

Amazon invented the Kindle, allowing us to squint at books on trains. Now they’re developing two new smartphones – and one of them is 3D!


And it's not 3D in the way that most objects are three-dimensional. It will also have a 3D screen, and no, you won’t have to wear glasses – and you’ll be able to move it with your EYES. *Paul Daniels face*

Apparently the Amazon labs are overrun with crazy crackpot techy activity like this, with news that they’re also developing a set top box and a device for streaming music.

Whether anyone will give a flying one about a 3D phone remains to be seen, (the technology has already been used with mixed results) but it seems that Amazon are not content with destroying, I mean revolutionizing, the bookselling industry, and want to move into mad futuristic gizmos and gadgetry, too.

Next, they’ll be putting a TIME MACHINE IN A DELOREAN.

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  • Alan P.
    The HTC Evo 3D already does this. Hardly anyone wanted to buy one of them so why would Amazon's offering be any different?

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