Amazing invisble screen for super private browsing!

29 November 2011

Sick of people looking over your shoulder and noseying into what you're doing on your computer? Want to watch filth without anyone being able to see? Well, some clever chap has hacked an old LCD monitor and made it so that, to everyone else, it looks like you're glaring at a white screen... but to you, with your special glasses on, you can click away in secret!

If you want to hack your monitor so you can do the same, click here to find out more.

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  • Dick
    Good idea, but you'll look an even bigger pervert on the train wanking to a blank screen.
  • Dick's M.
    For goodness sake!
  • Dick's G.
    He's always been a dirty boy!
  • Dick's G.
    Just like you, bitch! x
  • Dick's S.
    I really like Dick.
  • Tom
    Cool hack! It works on my calculator too. Now I can write 8008135 and stare at it all day without anyone else knowing!

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