Albums 'should only cost one pound'


A top music industry chap has thrown out the controversial idea that albums should cost no more than... one pound. Yes, a single snot, a gold ‘un, an... erm... pound coin.

That man is Rob Dickins, who was in charge of Warner Music for 15 years, and he believes that now is the time to slash album prices as it would boost sales and kill off piracy.

Speaking at the In The City music conference in Manchester, Dickins said: “What we need is a revolution. What we've got is an erosion. When I was running Warners, a chart CD could be £12.99. A chart CD now can be £6.99, maybe even £5.99,” before calling for the cost to be even lower, predicting that top albums would comfortably sell 200 million (last year’s top seller, by that Boyle woman, sold 80 million)

Dickins proposed that if people only had to fork out a pound for an album, they would happily do that as opposed to stealing it for free off of the internet. Which we think is a load of bollocks. How about you?


  • hippy1001
    I wouldnt mind paying a pound for an album. Even though i can get a whole bunch of free albums to download i still dont download them, cos the music today is absolute pants. Its uninspiring, bland, copied from years ago or not even good enough for a jingle.
  • Aidan
    I actually completely agree with him.
  • Daniel Z.
    This is the first BW article I disagree with. I've said for a long time that the only way the thieving fat cats would stop piracy is by not ripping their customers off. Personally if I could download an album for a quid or two or a film for a couple of quid more I'd happily do that legally rather than do it for free a illegally...
  • Paul
    If it makes Simon Cowell poor, then it's all good.
  • Gunn
    Yup totally agree, I hate the fact they use piracy as a reason to keep prices high, honest people are paying for those who don't, madness.
  • stefcha
    It's like all the iStuff at 59p a pop - it doesn't feel bad even when you buy rubbish because, well, it's only 59p. At a quid an album I'd buy all sorts just to give it a go and if I happened to pick up a duffer then so what?
  • evil r.
    fuck it, save a quid
  • Jonny S.
    I'd pay a quid to save the time sorting all the shit out of downloading bad quality/deliberately incorrectly named files etc. Would be alot easier and properly cropped etc.
  • andy y.
    He is right. The profit is now in touring and mechandise. Wake Up.
  • Nobby
    It was 8 million not 80 million. A quid is probably about my limit for impulse buying an album, any more I'd download illegally to try it out (or use spotify). I assume £1 is just for downloads, and not for CDs.
  • The B.
    Is that bloke on the album related to Peter Griffin? They have the same chin.
  • akiss
    I dont give a fuck how much cd's cost. to be honest 95% music nowadays is shite. Now make blurays £2 each and youve got yourself a deal. no more piracy.
  • dunfyboy
    Good idea, except they've been overcharging for so long a quid's still too much
  • lou
    Too late, They should have done this 5 year ago, People turned to piracy due to spending years being ripped off, they didnt play fair and now they dont like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Saying that id happily pay if it were these prices, it may lure me back
  • Officer D.
    Cheaper than entering Tees valley airport? Result!
  • Captain S.
    Still a pound too much
  • phander
    Completely agree. And so would millions. Look at how people don't think twice about paying a quid for an app or even a few for a good game (on their phone).
  • Slacker
    If they sell the album for a pound does the record company forgo it's expenses and cut of the profits so the artist gets paid? Thought not.
    The downloading genie is out the bottle and there is no way they are going to get it back in not even with Fondlebums DIGITAL ECONOMY BILL. They have ripped us off for years and its payback time.
  • Kevin
    I've given up downloading music online. Mixture of little I'm interested in but also that an album, whether it's a download or a cd can now cost £3 or £4. That is a price I am very happy to pay for a full album. So I do.
  • zleet
    Quid for an album would get a lot more people buying. I'm sure they could work out other ways of making cash for the artists like doing an acoustic or live version of the album for another quid or bundling together music videos, interviews, live shows and backstage footage for yet another quid. Selling the album so cheap would probably make the band more well known and help sell tickets to their shows.
  • -]
    Artists already make very little per CD anyway (newer artists tend to actually lose money on a CD run and owe the record company money). The main income for most artists come from merchandise and touring/live shows.
  • DragonChris
    £1 an album? Absolutely, I would buy it. As long as it applies to ALL music and not just chart/pop crap. Now, on top of that maybe some good bands will start touring - none of this pop shit. I want to see some epic power metal bands tour Northern Ireland! >.<
  • C
    I'd definitely buy an album for £1
  • Ronny T.
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