After 10 billion torrents, Mininova turns its back on piracy

imgname--interview_with_mininova---50226711--images--mininova The world’s biggest bit torrent site has gone legitimate, only a few days after delivering its 10 billionth bit torrent.

As of now, Mininova is limiting its activities to a ‘Content Distribution Service’ rather than a seething hub of pirated material. The site’s owners have said that they’re complying with a ruling delivered by the Court Of Utrecht last August.

silence_is_sexy_horizontalweb_credit_heidi_de_gierIn an attempt to jazz up their new direction, Mininova have said that their Content Distribution Service has been a huge hit since its launch in 2007. They cite the massive success of the Dutch band Silence is Sexy (pictured right), “who released their complete album on Mininova and received the Interactive Award 2009 for doing so. The Dutch television broadcaster VPRO decided to start using Content Distribution in 2009 in order to distribute documentaries.”

Wow – we’re sure that justifies keeping the tagline “Mininova – The Ultimate Bit Torrent Source” at the top of your browser while you visit the site, which now resembles a ghost town following the end of some kind of digital gold rush.

Will it mean the end of piracy? Definitely not. Will other sites spring up and thrive in Mininova’s place? Almost certainly. Will Mininova wither and die or make it on the straight and narrow path like Napster before it? Time will tell. Are we off to download the newest episode of 30 Rock from a non-Mininova source. No, because doing that would be WRONG.

[Thanks to HUKD member BladeY]


  • failwallet
    maybe it will take 10 billion articles before bitterwallet finally writes something worth reading, although my money is on them never making anything worth reading. napster made it? bullshit.
  • houdini
    So why do you keep reading there articles?
  • Andy D.
    Last time I looked, Napster were still going.
  • Gunn
    The mininova site looked to be well developed and people seemed to trust going there so I reckon it might have some legs, or at least the people behind will.
  • Harlzter
    @Andy Dawson Yes Napster are still going, but not on their original method of p2p file sharing which got it shut down, it then re-opened as a paid for service akin to iTunes
  • No m.
    Another reason to big-up newgroups. (Not that they need it.)
  • arrrrrrrr...
    another head of the p2p hydra gets cut off. But, as the article says, more will spring up in it's place hopefully learning from their errors
  • PJR
    that's the problem with a giant global data network. some wierdo's always want to transfer data across it rather than read ads and buy s*** they don't need like they're supposed to. ;)
  • spencer
    newsgroups ftw! if you dont know by now, torrents are a dying art. Get onto usenet, max out your download potential and bypass Peter Mandy with his draconian p2p clampdown! :D
  • stop r.
    u stupid capitalist USA you are destroying are rights we are not doing anything illegal because we don't buy it from mini nova it is just shared with other people around the world if u think it's illegal America then arrest me and fine me thousands of dollars i am Canadian in Canada the government doesn't care it is a right so i say get a life America. it does not always revolve around money. grow to socialism to evolve a better society. capitalism is old. u must evolve. the entertainment industry makes enough money already. if it wants me to pay make something worth watching seriously all of it sucks. PS. if the pirate bay goes it is the end of it all. they wont stop unless we stop them. they will kill p2p as we know it.
  • Kevin
    Spencer, got any good links to explain the best way to go via usenet this way? (been years since I did that!)
  • Jeffrey A.
    @Kevin It's all you need to know :)
  • metalcool
    Whats the matter folks...first demonoid now...the mini giant???? do you guys want to starve us of entertainment?? I guess someone will find a way out....
  • Kevin
    Thanks :)
  • Mandy B.
    If you want a cheap and cheerful usenet service I'd go with astraweb - under £7 a month for over 400days retention and decent speed. If you want a quality service I'd go for giganews - but over £15 a month for the same over 400days retention. Fantastic speed virtually all the time though. Newsdemon have little going for them - same retention as most of the others, but poor speed and service coupled with higher price than astraweb.
  • In f.
    @Mandy & Bubble Fuck off. News Demon does not have poor speed. I get the max that my 50MB connection can handle, at all times of the day. You literally don't know what you're talking about. Bye.
  • Mandy B.
    lol - I've been using usenet for 15years, I've tried most companies, I also have 50mb cable (times two, if you want to play that game - along with 20mb adsl). Newsdemon is a shit service - it's more expensive than the other basic, no-frills services but with worse performance. I'll repeat to anyone - if you want a cheap, basic service then go with astraweb. cheaper than newsdemon but better in almost every aspect. toodles

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