Adobe pull update, and files are deleted

adobe Adobe have dropped a clanger. They pulled an update for one of their desktop programs, after it decided to randomly delete files from people's devices. Thanks Adobe, you've been a great help.

If you missed it, the installation of a Creative Cloud update, the program got rid of the first folder on many machines of those who updated.

For those using back-up software, Backblaze, they were hit harder than most, storing the error inside a folder called .bzvol. Backblaze then rolled out a dummy directory called "aBackblaze", which Adobe updates could delete without causing any fuss.

Elsewhere, some found that Adobe deleted their folder which they needed for the Mac autosave and document versioning functions. All in all, the whole thing was a mess, and Abobe has pulled the update and are putting out a new one that won't cock things up for everyone.

A spokesperson said: "In a small number of cases, the updater may incorrectly remove some files from the system root directory with user writeable permissions."

"We have removed the update from distribution, and are in the process of deploying a new update which addresses the issue. When prompted for the update, Creative Cloud members should install it as normal."

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  • tin
    It's always "In a small number of cases" isn't it?

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