Addison Lee give 4G to its taxis

18 September 2014

taxi Are you one of those people who gets a icy chill running through their core when a taxi driver tries talking to you?

Firstly, you should grow up. Secondly, there's good news for you if you're the kind of person who gets into an Addison Lee cab in That London.

The cab firm are rolling out 4G to their 4,800-strong fleet after a successful trial of, oh who cares how many cars were in the trial.

Through the 4G network, passengers will be able to ignore their driver with upload and download speeds of up to 12mbps. Addison Lee reckon you'll be able to download an episode of The Apprentice in 3 minutes.

The best bit is that the service will be completely free of charge to customers. The drivers might take the scenic route to recoup some costs, so it might be worth sticking on Google Maps with your GPS system to see if they're taking the piss or not.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee said: “Addison Lee has always been the industry leader when it comes to in-car experience. The introduction of 4G continues this tradition and there are plenty more investments we will be making to deliver more best-in-class services and experiences for our customers."

“In-car 4G will help our customers be better connected than ever before, by enabling them to work and play on the move, and perhaps free up some spare time along the way. Our passengers are our number-one priority and we know this latest offering will make a real difference to their lives.”

So there.

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