ACS: Law halt filesharing legal witchhunt

An illegal download, yesterday

The fun is over for the controversial legal company that has been going after alleged file-sharers in recent months. ACS: Law (for it is they) have withdrawn their legal action against 27 individuals, blaming criminal attacks and bomb threats for the decision.

Andrew Crossley, the public face of ACS: Law said: “I have ceased my work...I have been subject to criminal attack. My e-mails have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb threats... it has caused immense hassle to me and my family.” Hassle? Is that a legal term? Hmmm…

Over the past few months, ACS: Law have sent thousands of letters to alleged filesharers on behalf of a company called MediaCAT (who themselves have been working on behalf of various copyright holders), ordering the ‘filesharers’ to pay a three-figure sum or face further legal action. Many of those who received letters had no knowledge of having downloaded the files that were cited.

It got worse for ACS: Law in September when they were hacked and a list of filesharers was leaked, along with the names of the porn films they had supposedly downloaded. The Information Commissioner is still deciding what to do as a result of this leak.

The BBC report that MediaCAT have now said they wish to drop all legal proceedings but the plot has thickened with the arrival on the scene of another similar company called GCB Ltd. They have now begun sending similar letters to the ones initially sent by MediaCAT, and one of the 27 defendants in the earlier case is said to have receieved one.

When quizzed, Andrew Crossley said he had no connection with GCB Ltd, other than the fact that its founders had previously been employed by ACS: Law. Hmmm again.

Have any of you lot received any letters lately from ACS: Law or GCB Ltd regarding illegal downloading and filesharing? Drop us a line if so – we’re as sure as we’re certain that this one isn’t over yet…


  • Alexis
    Haha. The scamsters get their just desserts.
  • Idi A.
    Threatening solicitors am against de law? I thought it am a public duty.
  • Jamlid
    I'm sure he'll just go back to ambulance chasing.

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