Accrington, the pinnacle of 4G achievement

28 August 2013

EE is claiming an early victory in the race for 4G, and has launched the service in its 100th town this morning. Is it London? Manchester? Birmingham? No, their milestone town is…Accrington.


Yes, Accrington in Lancashire, home of Accrington Stanley and birthplace of Mystic Meg, is EE’s big triumph. Forget urban centres– in the world of superfast mobile coverage, small is good, and Accy is where it’s at. Eee, I’ll go to t’top of our stairs.

O2 and Vodaphone don’t roll out 4G until tomorrow and it’s rather predictably only available in the big cities, to be used by latte drinking buffoons with handlebar moustaches and vintage Penny Farthings. Both providers won’t roll out 4G across Britain until later in the year.

EE however, are not only claiming wider coverage, but that their speeds are twice as fast as Vodaphone or 02. So if you want to Google ‘tin bath’ and ‘whippet’ while you’re walking the dog on t’moor, it’ll be quicker than their rival's service in That London. Later this month 4G will also be available in Ashford, Sevenoaks, Bicester, Guildford and Milton Keynes, amongst others, and EE will soon cover 60% of the UK.

Vodaphone though, are hitting back by making 4G packages cheaper – offering unlimited data for the first three months.

So who will win the 4G war? Will EE conquer, or will there be trouble at mill, as they probably don't say in Accrington?

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  • Oh d.
    Its Vodafone.
  • HW
    Excellent work, Lucy. Keep it up.
  • Han S.
    Casual racism back on display Lucy? Still at least you didn't take the piss out of the Holocaust this time.
  • Alexis
    Still won't be able to get a signal up a t'folks though cos of Whalley Nab being in the way.
  • Big M.
    Where's the sexism angle?
  • Dacouch
    4g Rocks
  • alex
    Vodafones 3 months free encourages people to use lots of data then in month 4 you use your normal 5gb and get a bill for £20 extra as your plan now only has 1gb of data. They then offer to upgrade your plan for an extra £10 per month. It does not save anyone any money!

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