A very smart phone - HTC Legend arrives next week

30 March 2010

Bitterwallet - the HTC LegendThe HTC juggernaut keeps on rolling; the HTC Legend is now on pre-order from Vodafone for delivery next Tuesday. That means the handset beats Google's Nexus One to the UK market, though its launch may be consumed in the Apple hysteria due to descend this weekend.

Tariffs for the Legend start from £25; if you order online, then £30 per month on a two year contract will get you a very reasonable 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data - it looks like data limits are going to become the norm in an attempt to manage demand.

It leaves Google fans scratching their heads a little longer - when will the Nexus One be announced? While the handset has been available in the US since January, UK fans have had to import it; it's possible that Google are watching for the announcement of the iPad's release in the UK before setting a date. While the two devices are chalk and cheese, the brands occupy similar space in the consumer mindset, and Google won't win in a PR pissing fight with Apple.


  • maxtweenie
    If the Legend is as shit hot as the Desire I'm posting this from, it'll be worth every penny of your hard earned.
  • Junkyard
    Lucky you maxtweenie. On Friday, T-Mobile informed me that my Desire was on the way. Today I learn that they didn't send me anything, and they haven't got one for me at all. Several other people have had the same thing. T-Mobile are scum.
  • dunfyboy
    I agree.
  • Affiliate M.
    LOL. I find it bizarre that you find the Legend worth posting about, yet no mention about the HTC Desire which is far superior. It's more bizarre considering that you managed to sneak in an affiliate link to the Vodafone site for any potential buyers. Did you just not post about the Desire because there was no money to be made from that one? How about joining the T-Mobile affiliate scheme? I think I'll start looking closer at the other posts and I bet there's a pattern.
  • Desire
    @Junkyard. I got my Desire from T-Mobile, they must just think you're scum.. Desire > Nexus 1, Why wait?
  • Junkyard
    @Desire, I'm very glad you received your HTC Desire. Obviously this causes me to revise my entire opinion of T-Mobile, and I no longer mind that they blatantly lied about sending me my phone. I've had flowers shipped to their offices immediately by way of apology.
  • JP
    I have a nokia 8210 It dumps excrements on your modern phones from a very high height.
  • maxtweenie
    @Junkyard. Personally, I think that the way T-mobile handled things overall leaves a lot to be desired (no pun intended.) I think I only got mine on Saturday because I spotted that others were getting despatch emails, so I rang them and chased them up a bit. Others who did actually get a phone found that they had been sent a pre relsease version with a watermark across each screen, and I'm sure that there are many others like yourself who were promised the phone and got fuck all. I was one of the very lucky ones, and I say wait until you see it. It pisses over Steve Job and his Jesus phone like you wouldn't believe.
  • Paul N.
    Affiliate Master you are more of an Affiliate Idiot. There is no referral link, believe me we know how to make one if we wanted to.
  • MattWPBS
    People after the Desire on T-Mobile, speak to Carphone Warehouse. Got my upgrade via them because they had stock. It's bloody brilliant too.
  • MickeyB
    Evo 4g plz.
  • Junkyard
    MickeyB - the Evo looks lovely, but since it doesn't have GSM you won't be making many phone calls on it.
  • Joff
    Is that really you Paul N?

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