A round of applause for the Clap-Off bra

An American ‘artist’ from San Francisco called Randy Sarafan has invented a bra that can be removed by clapping. Yes, give it applause and it pops off like a cork, possibly accompanied by the sound of a swanee whistle and Bernard Bresslaw saying ‘Corrr.’ Progress, eh?

Sarafan claims he’s been inspired to create the electromagnetic bra after observing hi-tech Syrian lingerie. Yes, apparently in between all that genocide and horror, the Syrians have been busy creating world renowned cutting edge lingerie, like remote controlled bras and glow-in-the-dark knickers.

The obviously insane Sarafan explained: 'I figured the first step in this critical mission was to replicate some of the advancements made in Syria. The article of lingerie that resonated most with my inner sensibilities was the clap-off bra. I immediately resolved to make my own clap-off bra as a springboard into Western lingerie innovation.’

The technology could also be used to help people with mobility problems, who can’t reach behind their backs to unhook their own bras. But we all know it’ll be 'hilariously' employed for one evening in the bedroom - and quietly thrown away by the wife the following week...


  • Mustapha S.
    Is that a 7 year old boy?
  • Han S.
    @Mustapha - Do you want it to be?
  • Jasminehatesnewbarnet
    It would be hilarious in the shopping precinct to surreptitiously go round clapping and watching lady bras ping down! Maybe each bra could have a special clap to prevent unfortunate clapping "accidents" . Like a small clap for a 28aa, a medium clap for me, a 36b, and a bring the house down tumultuous round of applause for melon sized 40f. Hopefully they wont bring out a man pants version. Yuk.
  • fibbingarchie
    Just avoid the kind of women who'll give YOU the clap when you take their bra off.
  • duck
    This idea is a bit shit for one handed people.
  • Studley
    Thing is, if I tried to activate this in our bedroom, it'd turn the lights off too.
  • Troll
    @studley Surely a good think when your wife is as ugly as yours?
  • Troll
  • B. O.
    @duck: Not just one-handed people. How am I expected to clap and wank at the same time?
  • jo
    Doesnt look like it provides much support for a bra. Model remains just as saggy with or without it.

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