A national internet filter, for your safety?

A national internet filter, for your safety?

Hands up if you like the idea of UK authorities setting up a national internet filter, to keep all the nasty things away from your computer.

That could be a thing, as the head of Britain's newly formed cybersecurity agency says that people are looking into the development of a filter that will block malicious software and rogue websites, for the whole country.

Ciaran Martin, the aforementioned boss, told a conference that his agency is looking into a project that will block Brits from coming into contact with "known malware and bad addresses."

Some freedom-of-access sorts will not be happy about this, because if one organisation can block entire swathes of the internet from the country, then it stands to reason that they could decide what people should be looking at too.

The censorship debate is something that is, by and large, filled with incredibly annoying people, but it is an important one - do you want someone telling you what you can and can't look at, watch, or listen to?

That said, preemptive of a backlash, Martin added that people would be able to opt-out, and that privacy and choice were "hardwired into our program."

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to believe that or not.

Indeed, it is worth furrowing your brow about the capabilities of the people who may implement something like this - they may have the best of intentions, but things like this are often very clumsy, and end up blocking innocuous, and useful sites.

Will people go for a British Firewall, like they have in China? When it comes down to it, it isn't likely to be a popular idea.

When governments start blocking your access to things, there is always cause for concern.

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