A long hard election for the Lib Dems and Ann Summers

There's an election on, folks, in case you haven't noticed or don't care. And it's an election where the key figures are as personable as the skin on a rice pudding. But according to some, it's a contest that'll be fought on the battlefields of digital media, mirroring the 2008 US Elections when Barack Obama turned to Twitter and mobile applications to grow and strengthen support.

Nope, you still don't care. Although if we mention Ann Summers are getting in on the electoral action, then you might. The Conservatives have been buying up keywords on Google, so they can infiltrate the minds of anybody wanting information on Labour. Now Ann Summers have been buying up keywords too, mainly so they can make a few half-hearted knob gags. Try typing "Lib Dems" into Google's UK portal for yourself - you should see their sponsored links on the right hand side.

Bitterwallet - Ann Summers buy Lib Dem keywords on Google Bitterwallet - Ann Summers buys Lib Dem keywords on Google
Many thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Henry for the tip. Politics, sex, tech - it's all here, folks.


  • Scott
    They appear to have fixed it now.
  • Tom P.
    I think my computers broken, no Ann Summers advert?
  • Nobby
    none for me either, just election betting.
  • Nobby
    I get an online Thai supermarket for many search terms ... lib dems, tory, conservative, gordon brown, etc. They must be flashing the cash.
  • Paul N.
    Maybe they ran out of daily budget for Adwords
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Your headline title "A long hard election", sounds very RUDE....like"A long hard eRection" LOL LOL...i get it, you meant it to sound like that
  • ML
    I quite like the skin on rice pudding....
  • masklin
    ...Or is it more related to Paul's surfing habbits rather than the Lib Dems google search?

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