A lady from the 90s explains what a computer is

We've all enjoyed videos of people from the 80s and 90s explaining what modern gadgets are, and this video is no different. It stars the wonderfully named Komando and hosted Computer Tutor, which explained everything you needed to know about home computing.

Of course, because this is an old video about something that became ubiquitous  in our lives, it all seems rather quaint now.

While the video is hugely quotable, the sign off "It's not tough to use a computer. And nothing even blew up!" is tough to beat.



  • Touchwood
    I bet she's someone's Granny now.
  • LancerVancer
    She turned my floppy drive into a hard drive in no time!! Erb, flex wit im!!
  • Sicknote
    She did some porn - you can find it on a thing called the internet. The internet is a network connecting several computers together; but don't worry, they won't blow up in your face or rape your children.

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