A dating site for ghosts is launched, which is nice

phantom4u Someone, presumably arfing themselves sideways, has set up a dating website for ghosts.

So, if you're up for romancing and vague necrophilia, visit GhostSingles.com where you can search for dead humans floating around in the ether, who have somehow manage to get an internet connection after dying in a horrible death.

One user is 'Phantom4u', aged 134 who says: "well ive been dead since like 1902 and im SO BORED!!!! i just wanna hang out and have fun and see what happens,not looking for anything serious."

There's another one called 'lonely4ever' who simply states: "So lonely… so alone… no tears to weep… alone."

There's a catch though. If you go through the 'Chat Now' feature, it has a way of finding out whether you're a mortal or not and humans have been banned from the site. So have zombies and vampires.

The service is free, but that's probably something to do with ghosts having no viable currency.

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  • Mike O.
    Necrophilia? Dead boring.

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