A camera commercial that's as confused as its audience

Sweet muscular Jesus, what bullshit is this, then? The couple have a computer, but don't know how to share photos by email or Flickr. Their efforts at printing photos look like they rolled off a dot matrix model, and Old Man Winters thinks a single wire is "confusing". It's a fucking wire. A wire. You know? A wire.

"Why spend hundreds on a digital camera..." when you can spend far less on a digital camera, actually. At least you get a free roll of film - ideal if you don't want to take 25 photos or more.

[Boing Boing]


  • Marlboro M.
    Does anywhere even still sell or develop film?
  • darkspark
    Next it will be typewriters that don't cause eyestrain...
  • spyewk r.
    me thinks it was a purchasing error by vivitar's buyer/s
  • issac h.
    Coming soon to a bin near you - the disposable camera.
  • Spankypants
    Ten bucks is fuck all though. Will keep the kids amused for a while and it doesn't matter if they wreck them.
  • Noghar
    That's fecking hilarious. They're giving the fecking things away. And I would not give one to a kid in a million years. Yeah, the camera and the film is cheap - but developing even 24 35mm photos is horrendously expensive, especially when 90% are crap. Why on earth do you think digital caught on so quick?
  • Alexis
    Fat lot of good when you can't get anywhere to develop your film. Note how they conveniently forget to mention you can just hand over the memory card and get your pictures back. There and then. And damn more then 24 of them.
  • pcplod
    no fucking way is this real - this is a spoof of saturday night live surlely oh and you can get your prints developed in any town
  • Brian's U.
    retro chic at it's best. I'm gonna find my old 110 film camera and start taking real photos again! Wait can I still get 110 film?
  • Jase
    I like how the birthday girl pic is taken landscape but the preview is portrait. If this is anything like the old days, the first 2 pics will be of the floor whilst the last 3 will be of random crap to finish off the film roll. 24 exposures, more like 19.
  • tin
    This is an advert by Vivitar and they start with "digital cameras take great pictures"????? Yours don't mate. End of advert.
  • CameraOP

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