Google to release their own OnHub router

19 August 2015

What do you think of your router? Don't care as it is almost entirely functional and you hid it behind something else so the blinking lights don't catch your eye every 2 seconds?

Well, Google want to give the humble router a bit of design and class, and they're going to release the OnHub wifi router to do exactly that. Oh, and it'll have some other stuff going on.

Have a look it.


Aside from looking like a pint of stout, the new OnHub will have an app-driven user interface and there'll be no flashing lights either. Instead, it'll have a glowing ring, just like your mum.

There's also talk of auto-updating firmware too, if you're into that sort of thing.

For those who like some spec, this'll have 13 antennas firing out 1900Mbps of internet over AC 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. It'll have support for Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave and the like. The app will allow Android users to troubleshoot stuff on their phone, rather than blowing into ports and swearing with the router in their hand.

So there you have it. Knowing Google, this will have a secret CCTV camera in it so they can watch you sleep.


  • JonB
    It looks remarkably similar to the Amazon Echo...
  • Noghar
    And you can't get it in the UK so why bother writing it up?
  • Atilla
    It probably sends all your internet traffic via google so they can record it and send you even more adverts, and sell your details on to anyone who wants it.
  • Raggedy
    How did you know my mum has a glowing ring?!?

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