600,000 credit card details exposed by hacker hi-jinx

One of the world's biggest domain name companies has been hacked, which may be bad news if you've done business with them recently.

Network Solutions, which manages over seven million domain names, has reported that a security breach means over half a million credit card details may have been stolen from their servers. Gah. The company believes over 4,000 of its merchant websites have been breached due to unauthorised codes in the servers, which in turn may have been used to transfer data.

“At this point, we have no reports or other reasons to believe that any credit card account information has been misused,” the statement from Network Solutions boldly announced, before admitting the code could have copied nearly 600,000 cardholder’s transactions from between March and June. Anyway, they've said they're sorry and that, so don't worry too much if you find your life stolen from you, like in Trading Places. Or that other one we can't think of.



  • Joff
    FYI, you could have used the reference from Friends where Monica has her identity stolen.
  • Jay
    The other film your thinking of is Filofax (taking care of business in the US)
  • Paul S.
    No, it was neither of them. It involved a woman having her identity erased. Nobody recognised her. Or something. I don't know, I may have been drunk.
  • G M.
    The Net starring Sandra Bullock?
  • Andrew T.
    Didn't Sandra Bullock have that problem in The Net. Andrew
  • Paul S.
    There we go. The Net. No wonder I couldn't recall it. Cheers lads!
  • The B.
    Who's Sandra Bullock?
  • Shashi B.
    Hi Paul, I work for Network Solutions and appreciate your posting. We are doing whatever it takes to respond quickly to our customers including the use of the social media. This is a very serious moment for us and so I appreciate the humor in the comments that will keep us energized. Thanks, Shashi Bellamkonda
  • Dewey S.
    Wow.. I found your site when searching on google for information. This is a great insight of you. Nice read though. Will checking back real soon to see if you have more interesting updates.. Cheers..

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