$50 tablet from Amazon?

amazoninstant Amazon are really desperate to take over the entire world at the moment and are coming up with all manner of things that... well... everyone is not that keen on.

They want to deliver your groceries for you, even though you can get the shops to do that. They have Amazon Prime which a lot of people can't work out whether it is worth it or not. Maybe people are wary of them because they might be spying on everyone, who knows?

Either way, the latest push involves plans to release a $50 tablet, just in time for Christmas. It is likely that Amazon will convert dollars into pounds exactly, so it'll cost us £50.

The tablet will have a 6-inch screen and come with a mono speaker, and will basically be a smaller version of the cheapo Amazon's Fire tablet.

There's a bunch of things worth noting, if you're thinking of buying an Amazon tablet. Firstly, as Amazon and Google hate each other, you can't get on the Google Play app store, and many apps are not available on it. There's no BT Sport app for Amazon, nor YouTube apps and other things you might want to use a lot. It is worth having a look first.

There's also the small matter of Amazon Fire tablets showing adverts as screen savers, so if that is annoying to you, you might want to look elsewhere, unless you're good at getting under the hood of the thing.

Still, for $50, that's not much to spend on a tablet if you want one in the house and are on a budget.

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