2 millions TV sets to be disrupted by 4G

aerialThe culture minister Ed Vaizey, with his face like a colonel's ankle, has said that around 2 million homes are going to wish they were dead when 4G starts mucking up their television reception.

Apparently, 945,000 households that use signal amplifiers, as well as 953,000 households that rely on communal aerials, could be affected when the mobile operators finally pull their fingers out and give the rest of us that lovely, lovely 4G.

For these TV gawpers, the thing that works in their favour is that the Ofcom auction of radio spectrum licences is being delayed by a variety of legal troubles. Once they get it all sorted, they'll have to pay for the interference they cause.

Regarding all 4G problems, a new independent watchdog has been founded called MitCo and they'll get funding from mobile operators and then buy and install filters in homes.

The Voice of the Listener and Viewer has called the plans "a major threat to the principle of universal provision in public service broadcasting". "These proposals to sell spectrum to mobile phone operators in order to raise millions for the Treasury could remove the option of free-to-air television from millions of viewers," said spokeswoman Sophie Chalk (daughter of Charlie).

"This runs completely against the UK's system of public service broadcasting whereby there is universal access for all citizens to programmes made by the main terrestrial channels. It is an outrage."


  • Dai
    I'm fascinated by the Voice of the Listener and Viewer. It this just one person? Does the voice speak through her against her will? Is she kept in a secure unit and her every utterance monitored by an array of high-tech tools? Does she look like a bald Samantha Morton? I demand that we are told.
  • The V.
    This is the Voice of the Listener and Viewer. I know that you can hear me Earthmen! Know this: It is I that listens to you when you take a dump and it is I that views you when you pick your nose. My retaliation will be slow but nonetheless effective.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Ah JVC Televisions sold by Comet will have problems then. Only cause they were a load of shit in the first place, and secondly the only place you can get a JVC TV from is bloody Comet.

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