2-in-1 laptops will kill tablets, apparently

5 June 2013

newipad-640x360 Intel’s Executive Vice President Tom Kilroy is making some bold claims about the revival of the PC market, saying that tablets aren't the future, but rather, 2-in-1 laptops are.

He said that Windows 8’s “modest” launch meant that PC's were “a year late in getting “a shot in the arm” it needed, however, despite the rise in popularity of tablets, he claims that 80% of all laptop owners would replace their devices with another laptop.

Kilroy claimed “The two-in-one concept is really going to be the new wave”, looking at the Lenovo Yoga as an example.

He added: "The days of carrying around a smartphone a tablet and a notebook are numbered – the discrete tablet as we know it will go by the wayside and the 2-in-1 will be the future. If you’re doing content creation it just doesn't happen on the phone.”

"If Windows 8 had had a better take up I think we would have seen an increase in the notebook [sales overall]; the fact that it was more of a modest launch means the recovery is just a year later."

What do you reckon? Bluster from a beleaguered sector or will tablets die like a fad?

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  • Zleet
    2 in 1 and hybrid laptops are great its just Microsoft that seem to shit all over them by trying to make their stuff 'accessible' and in the process nigh unusable. If I wanted to be treated like a drooling retard who has to be walked through every step i'd buy a Mac.

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