1m Orange customers have their personal data stolen

9 May 2014

orange_france_smtp Orange you glad you’re not with Orange? However, if you ARE an Orange customer you may have received word that your details have been stolen.

In the latest phishing scam to hit the telecoms provider in a year, 1.3 million users have had their data swiped, including email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.

It happened in April, when some promotional software used by Orange was hacked. If you didn’t opt in to receive promotions from Orange, you’ll be OK, but those that didn’t untick the box had their information leaked.

And it’s not the first time this has happened - in February 800,000 customers had their data stolen. Once is bad enough, but twice? Pretty careless, Orange.

It’s going to mean red, rather than orange, faces at Orange HQ, especially since they pledged in November that they would take customer data protection more seriously since the NSA leaks.

Orange say they’ve informed the affected customers, but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the future. It’s obvious that hackers have decided to launch a sustained attack on the Orange website – so how many other people are going to have their data stolen before the year is out?

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