$1,500 for some Google glasses (complete with annoying video)

28 June 2012

google glassesGoogle are selling early models of their Google Glass project for $1,500, but only to a few developers. We've covered them before, but if you missed it, they're augmented reality specs that act as a smartphone you wear on your head, that reacts to voice-commands like Siri and use WiFi to connect to various social networking sites and Google Maps and such, all visible through the lenses.

The software developers will get to play with the goggles which were shown off by co-founder Sergey Brin at the Google I/O conference.

The demonstration saw trick cyclists, skydivers and abseiling sorts sporting the glasses in an attempt to show-off the capabilities of the glasses, streamed live to giddy nerds. Brin told reporters that the glasses will sell for significantly less once the product hits the market, and as early as 2014. Brin said: "That is our job: to push edges of technology into the future." Google also showed off the Nexus 7 tablet at the conference, which will be on the market for $200 and running on Android.

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  • Bob
    Pointless. Now a hud in a car is a better idea though with lawmakers it may be passenger side only.
  • Zleet
    Will probably be clunky as hell but it's the necessary first step to what will eventually become the norm (augmented reality).
  • Raggedy
    If the product is anything like the video I'd stop using them in under 2 minutes. I like Google's stuff but no crashes, no barely contained bouncing breasts? Disappointing.
  • Chlamydia P.
    "...reacts to voice-commands like Siri" - so, badly. Hopefully they'll either get it to work correctly in future or there will be some kind of keyboard input.
  • Kevin
    Buttons on the side
  • Drew
    Sometimes it takes a while for things to catch on, because nobody has ever seen it before. Google aren't forcing anybody to start buying them, but if consumers begin to find value in the glasses....it's called progress.

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