0800 numbers to be free, finally, on mobiles

5 April 2012

mobile phoneSeeing as we've had mobile phones for aaaaaaaaages, it seems preposterous that we still have to pay for freefone numbers. And Ofcom agree, putting forward proposals which will see them costing nothing, down from an average of 21p a minute.

As well as that, Ofcom want to introduce a standard ‘network access charge’ for other numbers non-geographic numbers (such as the numbers given out on TV shows, 118 numbers and for things like NHS helplines). This will allow commercials to say how much calls would cost, rather than the current 'prices may vary' schtick.

Bob Warner, chair of the Communications Consumer panel, said "The proposals are good news for consumers. Charges for 0800 calls from mobiles particularly affect people on lower incomes, who are more likely to rely on a mobile at home and use it to make calls to essential services."

Ed Richards, Chief Executive of Ofcom, said “Consumers are often confused about how much they will pay to call these number ranges. Under our proposals, people will have much clearer information and there will be greater competition on prices. By making calls to 0800 numbers free from all phones, we will clear up any uncertainty about making calls, especially from mobiles, to the benefit of consumers and service providers alike.”

We'll find out the exact details and outcome of Ofcom's proposals in early 2013.

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  • Mary H.
    Don't worry, they will just slap the cost on elsewhere.
  • klingelton
    Always been a point of worry for me. never known how much 0800 numbers cost on mobile.
  • shoplifter
    Theres an App for that... We’ll find out the exact details and outcome of Ofcom’s proposals in early 2013. So no time soon...fuckers
    I dont know why the nhs 24 number is 0845 they should just make that one free. we dont have to pay to go to the doctors so why should we have to pay for there service via the phone when its out of hours
  • will
    @ Jaz Maybe to create at least some sort of barrier to stop every idiot in the country calling every time their tummy hurts, or their baby coughs?
  • dai
    @Jaz or maybe to pay for the costs related to setting up all the telecoms around it (which probably involved the NHS being anally raped by BT) so they can spend the money they do have on doctors and nurses and stuff to make people better. Of course, when BT was state-owned this would have been free.
  • The B.
    "Of course, when BT was state-owned this would have been free." - dai Free as in "paid for out of your taxes", so not at all free then. It never ceases to amaze me how the lefties believe that everything was "free" pre-privatisation. It was only free if you sat around on your fat lazy arse all day claiming dole and someone else paid for it, not that it's any different now, we simply give the fat lazy arses dole money and they pay for it out of that.
    And I don't know why we have to pay to drive to Hospital, or to park nearby, or to buy our own clothes to wear when we are in the hospital, shouldn't this all be included in the NHS? Next we'll have to pay for healthy food, which should really be available on prescription for free.
  • Rob
    Foxes are free.
  • bogbrush
    Ofcom took about a month to decide to allow Royal Mail to increase prices by 50%, but this is going to take a year to sort out. Thanks to Ofcom for being such a great independent regulator.
  • Graeme
    Penis anyone?
  • mr n.
    Note to self...do not get pissed up and start posting on Bitterwallet...you know it always ends up badly...
  • Steve
    0800 (and 0808 & 0500) are free on giffgaff anyway.

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