You WILL be entertained by Toy Story 3 - you've paid to be

If you're looking forward to the celluloid antics of a plastic doll, a cowboy and a potato, then Toy Story 3 will be the film for you this Summer. That, or Debbie Does Salads. But what about the outrageous price of the cinema tickets? They cost a mint, but what are they actually paying for?

Cinema-goers get screwed whether they enjoy a film or not, but this is clearly taking the piss:

Bitterwallet - Toy Story 3 receipt



  • Richard G.
    I think it should be renamed 'Mug Tax'.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    I don't care how good Toy Story 3 is, if I'm going to be paying prices like that then I'll wait for the blu-ray!
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    Unless that price is for a pair of course, in which case it's fair enough, well after you discount the amusement tax!
  • Gadget 4.
    Is that in pounds or dollars? I didn't think it was out here yet so presumably that is a US receipt and the price is in dollars, so probably about the same as we pay here for 3D films.
  • steve
    @Gadget 4free! its a ticket from cineplex USA
  • andy y.
    Most US states and municipalities impose resort and entertainment taxes or hotel and leisure facilities intended to finance tourist infrastructure. Which is my nice way of saying this is a shite non story
  • kev
    this is from Canada, and the tax is very common over there, they have a very complicated system, with different provences having different tax rates & rules
  • JImbo
    shocking prices, would never pay that. TS3 is already on the net for download and i'll be sure to be downloading it later to avoid £15 debt for a film that i may or may not like. surely £5 is enough for a trip to the cinema?
  • Milky
    Buy a home cinema projector & away you go, watch it at home a mere 90 days after it first appeared on the cinema hoardings, or wait a bit longer & get it filthy cheap... I prefer home cinema to overpriced tickets, popcorn, & all the other crap involved, buy the dvd close the curtains & 110 inch + screen. ticket prices other than sat morning kids club are simply TOO expensive, made more sense to spend on some kit that keeps the family entertained & no restrictions.
  • Shooter M.
    Can we get a UK version where there is a hand pointing at "value added tax" and there can be an attempt at humour suggestive of their being no value to be added?
  • foxy f.
    Isn't it HORRID having to pay for things.....I'm just going to torrent it for free, using my next door neighbours WiFi connection, on my laptop I charged up at work. Can't have these film markers and actors LIVING LIKE LORDS in big houses.
  • Abe R.
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