Would you like to know exactly how the Government is spending the money you pay in taxes?

tax calcIn July last year, our dear leader Dave told us all about his new 'era of transparency' and why we need it. “ It lets people hold the powerful to account, giving them the tools they need to take on politicians and bureaucrats. It gives people new choices and chances, allowing them to make informed judgments about their future. And it lets our professionals judge themselves against one another.”

All good stuff, and in keeping with his party’s aims, Tory MP Ben Gummer (Ipswich) is launching a new campaign to make the Government tell us exactly what our taxes have been spent on.

Under the proposals, every worker in Britain will receive an annual statement showing exactly how every pound they pay in tax is spent by the Government. The statements should be personalised according to each taxpayer’s salary, so everyone can know exactly how much of their tax bill is allocated to each public service.

Mr Gummer, who will present a ten-minute bill to the House of Commons told The Sun: "It's time we knew where our taxes go. Taxpayers must pay tax — it is only right the Government tells us how it spends our money."

Mock-up version of the tax breakdown suggests that a worker earning the annual average salary of £26,000 (this figure ring any bells for benefit claimants?) faces an income tax and national insurance bill of £6,134. Out of that sum:

>          £1,109 goes on the NHS, the second largest single recipient of tax money

>          £835 is spent on education

>          £85 is spent on roads (in addition to your road fund licence) and £70 on railways

>          £646 on Public Protection, including £159 for the Police, and £107 for Waste and Environment, including £66 for rubbish collection (all on top of your council tax bill)

Of course, the largest proportion of the average person’s tax bill, £2,135 or almost 35%, goes toward paying out benefits and pensions. To other people. Who you don’t even know. And probably don't like.  It is also remarkably convenient that this figure comes out just as the Government announce plans to cap the amount of benefits that one family can receive to the, now familiar, £26,000 a year.

Mr Gummer continued: “When we pay for shopping or phone calls, a bill reveals how much we've been charged and for what. But when we pay tax — for most people their biggest single monthly payment — we are told nothing.”

“This is wrong. We have no choice but to pay tax. The Government should have no choice but to tell us how it has spent our money,” he finished.

Stern stuff. It remains to be seen whether these statements do become a reality, and if they do, whether it will actually have any effect. After all, we all know exactly where our Council Tax is spent, but that doesn’t give us any leverage to change those amounts. Does it? And who knows what they do with all the cash from indirect taxes, like VAT, alcohol duties etc...


  • Marky M.
    Ben Gummer? Is he related to that prize tosspot John Selwyn Gummer?
  • Alexis
    Who cares? We have to pay it, so what does it matter where it goes? I can hardly object that too much of it is going to one department or another.
  • Mike H.
    1. Don't use the NHS, fucking useless. 2. Why the fuck, should I pay for other peoples children to grow up to claim benefits and help get my moneys worth from 'Public Protection'? 3. Why the fuck should I help bare the burden for moaning rail users? (Admitedly, some have to pay for roads who never use them. See, I'm fair) 4. How the fuck do you earn £26,000 claiming benefits? 5. Alexis is right, what the fuck do they care? We have to pay taxes, and we don't have a say where the fuck it goes. 6. If you're on an average salary of £26'000 I'd shut the fuck up moaning, you have plenty of money.
  • Mike H.
    You pay for all that stuff so that all those people that benefit don't get so pissed off with you that they just kill you for being a whinging bastard. Happy now?
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    1. and 2. So blindingly stupid I'm not going to bother addressing them. 3. People on rail = people not clogging up the roads. 4. Have lots of kids. Well, the birth rate needs propping up... 5. We supposedly have a say at election time. 6. Depends on your circumstances.
  • Mr. W.
    1. So how much is producing the statement going to add to my tax bill? 2. Who wants to father my children for a share of the benefit claim? I was thinking about six or seven kids should do it. I'm free to start work on the first one on Thursday, if you're interested.
  • Sawyer
    Mr Gummer is an idiot and his analogy is stupid. I like my itemised phone bill so I can figure out where I'm overspending and not do it again. I can't choose to spend less on certain parts of my tax bill or switch to another provider, just as Alexis says. But obviously I'm not middle-class like Gummybear as my tax bill is dwarfed by my rent payments. Maybe I should claim benefits and get £26k so I can moan about whatever it is people earning that much can't afford.
  • James d.
    why don't they just make a website where you can type in your salary and this is calculated for you. This seems like a lot of expense. This sure is a good way of getting more people on the cut benefits side of the argument though
  • Mustapha S.
    Why the hell should I give council house dwelling, Tennants Super sucking, plasma TV owning Jeremy Kyle fodder ANY of my cash? The only good thing they do is remind me how shit life could have been if I was a fucking school dropout who let some toothless, halitosis suffering loser fire his beans up me at 13. I wouldn't even give these people HIV, that's still too good for them. I just thank the Lord every day they live in the shit end of Derby. Perhaps if the Government paid out food and clothes parcels from the likes of lidl, where £20 could feed a family of 6 for 5 months (or so I'm told, as a frequent M&S or Waitrose shopper I never venture in to the arse hole areas of Derby, I just want that on record) our wasted tax will fall dramatically and I might just be able to afford that yacht. So to sum up, fuck you Normanton.
  • BaronS
    I completely agree with the people saying why should we give so much tax to people doing bugger all when lot of us working class people don't earn just about the half of the £26K what they earn doing nothing just blagging about how much they get in benefits to The Sun. It's disgusting. Working full time you don't even earn £26K and get taxed so someone else on some effin council estate could earn £26K!

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