Welsh Assembly spits out Chewing Gum Tax idea

gumWelsh people are lovely. But sometimes blessed with unusual ideas for taxes. Still, we all laughed when they brought in a carrier bag tax, and that has turned out quite successful for everyone, including the taxman who gets VAT on it, and including the carrier bag manufacturers who can now sell Welsh people bin liners.

Anyway, Wales’ latest inspired keep-the-country-tidy tax idea was to levy a chewing gum tax. You know how uncouth youths chew gum noisily and spittle-y and then flob said nugget of saliva and rubber out on to the street for some poor unsuspecting member of the public to walk on? Well some people in Wales decided that if they stick a 5p tax charge on each packet, these litter louts will stop doing it. Or at least the Government will have an extra 5p to put towards cleaning the streets of gum-induced black circles, as well as for ‘education’ and ‘enforcement’.

Unfortunately for chewing gum tax proponents, the private members bill was defeated at the first hurdle in the Welsh Assembly. Chewing gum manufacturer Wrigleys were relieved, telling Confectionery News:

“We are pleased the Welsh Assembly has decided not to progress with the idea of a chewing gum tax… Such a tax may deter some consumers from buying chewing gum and this could have a detrimental effect on our profits the UK’s oral health”. Wrigleys donated €7million to Irish environmental causes after reportedly thwarting a similar tax in Ireland, but have yet to make a similar offer in Wales.

But while the largest gum manufacturer is still “working” on a more biodegradable solution to the sticky problem of irresponsible gum users, UK firm Revolymer have already come up with Rev7, which degrades in under 3 months in drains or less than 2 years on pavements. Mondelez, manufacturer of Trident are still “looking for collaborators”.


  • Brad
    Mondelez wouldn't happen to be French, would they?
  • CyBerman
    You might get charged 5p for a carrier bag in Wales, but the money goes to charity. We currently smuggle them over the boarder for 1p each ...

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