Tampon Tax, to vanish

tampon The controversial tampon tax (which is not actually a tax, before you start - you know what it's getting at) could well be scrapped, after the Government struck a deal with the bigwigs in Brussels.

5% is added onto the price of tampons and sanitary towels, which happens to be the lowest VAT rate allowed under EU legalisation. However, the Prime Minister has come to an agreement with EU bosses, which gives the UK the chances to introduce a zero rating.

It is thought that there's going to be a big, official announcement in the middle of next week, but seeing as we're spoiling the surprise, it might happen sooner than that.

Either way, this is good news for all.

Until now, this added VAT meant that these were classified as 'non-essential luxury items' by the European Union (EU), and to anyone who has had regular periods, they'll disagree that these are absolutely essential. There's been various petitions and debates about the whole thing, but now, it looks like the right thing is being done.

Seeing as everyone knows people who need tampons on the like, there's going to be no complaints about the introduction of these new rates, right? Oh wait... we can hear the distant drums of whiny pissbabies...


  • Father J.
  • Trumps w.
    This tax was bleeding me dry.
  • jim
    bloody taxman eh?
  • Jim i.
    You guys are really stringing out the jokes...
  • Alan G.
    yes I did comment about it to David Cameron, I told him my quick thought shove one up ya backside periodly and it show's he got the message

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