Sugar tax delayed 'til summer

sugar-is-a-drug The government were all set to publish their strategy regarding childhood obesity, which featured their ideas on sugar tax, but they've decided to put it off until the summer, just in time for everyone buying Calippos.

The Department of Health said that there's more work to be done, and obviously, David Cameron is a bit busy at the minute, what with all the Brexit/EU referendum business going on, so he might not be too bothered about kids eating ladles of Nutella.

Now, for the record, the Prime Minister isn't too keen on the idea of any sugar tax, but as we know, if he gets pressured from the right people, he's always up for changing his mind.

He's said: "Of course it would be far better if we could make progress on all these issues without having to resort to taxes. That would be my intention... but what matters is that we do make progress. We need to look at this in the same way in the past we have looked at the dangers of smoking to health and other health-related issues."

Obviously, there's a number of charities who are very anti-sugar, and one of the big things that is being campaigned against is buy-one-get-one-free promos on sugary drinks, as well as pre-watershed adverts for junk food.

With obesity apparently costing the NHS £6bn a year, celebrities backing action, and NHS England boss Simon Stevens saying that a tax of 10% to 20% could make great waves against obesity in children and adults, it is clear that Cameron is being swayed. With diabetes becoming a bigger problem, there's lots to mull over.

Whether a sugar tax will prove popular with voters is a different matter though. Either way, we'll find out what might be happening when summer comes around.

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