Starbucks to cough up extra £20m in tax payments over next two years

Hooray for Starbucks! Again! Following all the hoo-hah and furore about them supposedly skipping their tax responsibilities in the UK, they’ve made the grandest of grand gestures.

Starbucks UK managing director Kris Engskov has announced that the company will be paying ‘a significant amount of tax during 2013 and 2014 regardless of whether the company is profitable during these years’. Wow! Thanks Kris! As a nation, we are truly grateful for your company paying its fair whack like so many of its ordinary citizens do.

He revealed that the extra tax payment could amount to as much as £20m over the next two years, adding ‘We know we are not perfect’. Aww, he makes Starbucks sound so cute and vulnerable, doesn’t he?

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  • Kevin
    'paying its fair whack ' They have always paid what they have to. Don't like it tell the politicians.
  • Mum
    Bullshit, Oh look we found 20 Million sitting around in the back of the coffee cupboard. No worries the profits we make serving you twats water, sugar and coffee beans will more then cover it anyway hahahahah <------------- Us still laughing all the way to the bank
  • Victoria
    all credit to Starbucks - pity Amazon and Google haven't taken the same action - Google won't even talk about it..... And it was the UK tax law that was out of date...
  • Mr M.
    It could amount to 20 million, it probably won't...
  • Alexis
    Yes, yes, but how much would you ACTUALLY owe if you did it all by the book?
  • Ash
    At least they're paying something now...but I shan't be going there anymore. There has STILL been no proper admission of their tax practices from them an they have only done this to save face. Agreed Google need to to be shamed into paying up but difficult for the consumer not to use them!
  • Gary S.
    I am really disappointed with Starbucks over this, they did nothing illegal, their revenues where based on the their combined franchisees turnover who do pay vat and income tax, not Starbucks as a company turnover, they only sell coffee and cakes to its franchisees and charge them a licensing fee for doing so. Your average politician wild have no understanding off this. The only reason Starbucks have made this gesture is they hoped £10 million would make the boycott go away. Starbucks should have had the balls to take on the government and explain just how much Starbucks coffe shops paid in vat and income tax. This would have mad the politicians look more stupid than they actually are. This is all a smoke screen by the government to target easy working class self employed people, before you know it it will be grass on a dodgy window cleaner or taxi driver or car boot person and amazon et al will carry on as before. Yesterday anouncement of £77 million more to hmrc shows this. Oh and don't forget Margaret hodges hypocrisy in all of this and her families company with a £2 billion turnover paying no corporation tax.... They're all at it..
  • Terry
    I don't see why they should pay it back, they broke no laws. If the laws are so flimsy that they can be got around, then they need to be re-written. Tell me if you could pay less tax, would you? Even if some might think its immoral? Personally i wouldn't care.
  • I n.
    Looks like Starbucks will be paying a whole lot more than Phil Green the Top Shop Owner as he has just sold 25% of the Arcadia group for £500 million. Thing is although he is mega rich and owns the company on the tax forms he doesn't own diddly as his wife in Monaco does.Chase that fat fucker Mr Osborne, its clear and simple what he is doing, legal or not its immoral.
  • Gabriella
    Good they should pay but apparently it's at the expense of worse employment terms for existing staff. Give with one hand and take with the other.
  • Sicknote
    They've already found more than 20 million with the recent staff changes & pruning back of staff pay & benefits. My own company paid 4.2% tax last year by following all the UK tax laws but I won't be paying a farthing more than I legally have to.

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