Starbucks give staff revised employment terms following UK tax U-turn

Big cheers for Starbucks for making an effort to sort out their less-than-impressive tax arrangements, eh readers?

But now it’s BIG JEERS TO STARBUCKS for cutting paid lunch breaks, sick leave and maternity benefits for thousands of British workers, possibly in an attempt to claw back some of the losses that will be incurred by the whole tax thing.

As many as 7,000 workers have been told to sign revised employment terms, including the cutting of paid 30-minute lunch breaks and paid sick leave for the first day of illness. Some baristas and other staff will also see pay increases frozen.

One worker told the Guardian that staff felt they were being made to bear the brunt of some of the extra tax that Starbucks will almost certainly be paying in the future.

The anonymous worker said, “It's really convenient for them to say we're going to pay more taxes, when they're going to save money with us, the staff. It's convenient saying we'll pay more because they're going to save more – and the perfect excuse for them is to say to staff 'We're going to pay more taxes, so…'.”

Starbucks have said that the changes follow long-term consultation with staff over the past few months and are not related to the current UK tax situation. We’re sure they can imagine how it all LOOKS though…


  • StuPid
    Yeah - long term consultation with staff- I can just imagine all those staff members asking for these changes. I don't have a Starbucks in my town, so never had to use them, but they are complete bastards and should win Worst Company in Britain - don't even bother with the poll to be honest.
  • Chewbacca
    Fuck them.
  • Kevin
    Well if they staff don't like it I guess they can go work for Costa? Or maybe they can go and get money off the moaners who have caused this?
  • I n.
    Another reason why FuckBucks with not be getting my custom. This is getting good all these non UK companies are saving me a fortune, not forgetting the likes of Vodafone etc. Just wished I could find a way to fuck of my local mega rich MP and his expenses form.
  • bob
    I love Starbucks coffee. I don't give a shit how much tax they pay. Just shows their CFO is doing a good job!
  • Mustapha S.
    Why should they pay staff just to sit on their fat arses stuffing prepacked sandwiches in their faces? I don't pay my staff to do no work, why should they?
  • Chewbacca
    @Mustapaha - You don't actually HAVE any staff, you deluded fucking retard.
  • Mustapha S.
    Surprised you manage to find time to post on here, chewy, in between drinking tall skinny mochas and wanking into an envelope over Penny from Inspector Gadget.
  • Spencer
    if you don't like their practises and disagree with their 'questionable' tax record... and if you think it's unreasonable that they're using staff benefit cuts to pay the company tax bill.... go to Costa. their coffee is much better anyway.
  • dvdj10
    I'd much rather them fuck over their staff than not pay tax so good on them. Paid lunch breaks? For serving coffee?! They having a laugh?! If they don't like it then the staff can leave. It's hardly a skilled job so I'm sure there will be bucket loads of people ready to take the job instead.
  • bob
    I'm going to go to Starbucks on my lunch break each day this week, and make a big point of mentioning that my company is paying me to sit and eat sandwiches whilst trying to find ways to get porn on their free internet. Ha ha ha.
  • Sicknote
    Look, if you want to buy Starbucks coffee then go ahead; personally I think it's nothing more that hyped expensive pretentious coffee served by 'resting actors'. The cafe around the corner from my London office sells milky coffee in a brown glass mug and it's the closest I've had to the little coffee shop across from my other office in Piazza Mastai, Rome.
  • badger
    @ Sicknote Speaking of pretentious, you do realise nobody believes a word you say, don't you? "What's that Skippy? Millionaire owner of a sportswear business? Malta? Rome? Wife?" You're probably an single unemployed saddo Star Wars fan living on benefits in a bedsit and jacking off to a picture of Jeanette Krankie.
  • Phil M.
    @ badger " and jacking off to a picture of Jeanette Krankie." You twat, i've just thrown my lunch up all over my desk, fuckin cheers!

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