Part-time shop workers now officially better off on the dole?

child moneyRemember we told you about the changes to Tax Credits back in February ? The ones where a couple earning under £18k now had to work for 24 hours a week between them (up from 16 hours) in order to continue getting all their tax credits? Well, now the GMB general workers’ union has discovered that the changes is likely to mean these people are better off on the dole than working at all. Great job by the DWP.

The GMB surveyed 60,000 members in the retail sector and 20% of members report that changes to the entitlement criteria for part time workers for Working Tax Credits (WTC) will make work “not worthwhile” for them and may put them on the dole.  60% of those affected say that they are facing a reduction in family income of over 25%, around £45 per week on average.

Martin Hird, GMB National Organiser for Retail speaking at GMB Congress said, “Unless the retail employers are able to reorganize working hours to move these part time workers up to a guaranteed minimum of 24 hours they are going to lose many experienced customers facing skilled workers who will be better off on the dole. This change entitlement criteria for WTC cuts across the practice in the sector of not guaranteeing staff proper contracted hours and relying on a flexible response to meet peaks in demand. The full extent of this change has not been felt yet by the employers.”

While it is easy to say that the lazy oiks should be working at least 24 hours a week anyway, and the comments surely will, to play devil’s advocate, at a time when retail is not performing particularly well, it may be difficult for part-time retail workers to get extra hours from their employers- even if the GMB is seeking to help people increase their contracted hours to keep them in work. And if they can’t get extra hours from their current employer, their only option is to get another job, and we all know how easy that is for skilled workers, let alone unskilled minimum-wagers. If these people are looking at losing £45 a week, that’s the equivalent of almost 8 hours work (at NMW)- and if a couple were currently working 8 hours each to make up the 16 hours, it’s no wonder they consider they are better off not working. A fine example of the benefit trap governments normally try to reduce…

Still, if you are still feeling no sympathy at all, take a look at the following league table, which gives the top 20 places in the country where people are claiming both child tax credit and working tax credit. And then you’ll know which places to avoid.

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  • vibeone
    I'm working part-time at the moment, it gives me more time to watch Loose Women. Thanks for the tip I'll have to look into this.
  • Chewbacca
    Generic piss-poor trolling comment. Seems to be the way this site is going. Vibeone, Mike Cock et al. Wanks.
  • Kevin
    Perfect reason to cut back on benefits. Well done GMB.
  • Chewbacca
    @Mike Hock Please DO try and direct your comments, otherwise you indeed do look like a "spastic". Christ, it's like dealing with a retarded four year old with tourettes.
  • Ben
    I find it shocking how people only work part time. I work as a technician for 24 hours a week, whilst doing a full time MSc course at university - which pretty much means I'm busy 7 days a week. If I can do that, lazy ass social scroungers can get off their backsides and work 38-40 hours a week like the rest of the country.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Except benefits are supposed to be a safety net, right? And you're supposed to work if you can find a job, right? There should be a serious social stigma attached to anyone who chooses benefits for lifestyle reasons. I'm not downplaying the government's responsibility to make work pay, though.
  • steph
    So a couple now has to work more than 24 hours between them? 12 hours each, per week? Poor things.
  • amazon s.
    nooo, 12 hours each per week would get them nothing.... in fact 15hours each per week and they would still lose WTC even though they are both working 30hrs and you only need to do 24. Another great implementation by the condoms.
  • anonymous c.
    It's disgraceful that some people go to work full time and therefore pay more tax to allow other lazy scrounging wasters to stay at home with their tribe of kids who usually go on to do exactly the same thing - scum begets scum unfortunately. PlatinumPlatypus gets it right - there should be a stigma - don't give these lazy fuckers money - give them vouchers to spend in supermarkets to exchange for food, vouchers which cannot be used for fags and booze vouchers, food vouchers - make it as uncomfortable for them as possible. I'd love to have the time and the money to have a bigger family and spend more time with them but oh no, i'm busy paying for other lazy twats to do that... Disgraceful
  • Wongaporkpies
    A lot of companies especially supermarkets love the 12 hr contract, and now the latest craze is zero hr contracts, so a case of when a company needs you they will offer a couple of hrs one week, then offer fuck all for 2 months. Welcome to shitty Britain !
  • Shaniaa
    ah only work a 6 hour contract at brighthouse, but they let me work bank holidays for time n half so it wrks out alrite. Get maself some extra money for livin in a cooncil hoose as well.
  • The B.
    Just to clarify, I've just checked in because I knew he wouldn't be able to resist trolling as me. Any further comments from me aren't me, I've had enough of all the kids (one kid multiple names), I'll leave him to his playpen which is frankly all this site is any more. Cheerio and all the best dealing with the infant, he's nowhere near as big and clever as he thinks he is and I'm sure he'll come up with some comment which he thinks is scathing but frankly will just show him up as the puerile little twat he is. Cheers all.
  • The B.
    Piss off
  • The B.
    You have to ask?
  • Fake B.
    This is confusing. Who am I then?
  • Mustapha S.
    Scrap benefits, turn it in to a voucher scheme that covers fruit, veg, kids clothes, some towards utilities (no pissing it away on fags, booze, xbox's). And make it compulsory after 6 months that they have to do work placement, for the Govt, decorating buildings like schools, delivering food for elderly, collecting rubbish/removing graffeti. All jobs that even vibeone could do. And make it so the vouchers are most 'profitable' for families with 0 kids, and then decreasing after, so parents are forced to actually save up and afford sprogs rather than wrongly believing they have some sort of divine right to infest the council estates with screaming little shits. They get to work, and in return I'm happy for my £15k a year tax that it will at least be spent more wisely.
  • Raggedy
    RIP the genuine funny comments and biting wit this place used to have. Now it's like stumbling into a youth club where insults and swearing are seen as the height of wisdom.
  • Phil M.
    This place was never funny, it was mostly singular comments about foxes or asking "wtf is dis real?" hi-larious

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