McDonald's to be investigated over tax

3 December 2015

mcdonalds Corporate tax dodging is something everyone is very interested in these days, and so, to European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who is looking at investigating McDonald's over exactly that.

With investigations hitting a number of companies like Amazon and Apple, and money being clawed back from Starbucks and Fiat, McDonald's won't be pleased at this news.

They've been accused of avoiding around €1bn in tax between 2009 and 2013, thanks to a scheme where they put their money through Luxembourg.

In a statement, McDonald’s have said that they've not heard about any of this, and they assure everyone that they do indeed comply with all tax laws and rules in Europe: "From 2010-2014, the McDonald’s companies paid more than $2.1bn just in corporate taxes in the European Union, with an average tax rate of almost 27%."

"Additionally, we pay social, real estate and other taxes. Our independent franchisees, who own and operate approximately 75%of our restaurants in Europe, also pay corporate tax and many other taxes," they said.

Of course, abiding by the rules is fine, but when they're not working in everyone's best interest, that's quite another. We'll see what the commissioner has to say about all this.

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