HMRC tax refunds - an unbelievable premise for a scam

It's no secret that our avid readers are a savvy bunch of ladies and gentlemen, but it does no harm to bring news of scams to your attention. In the past week, several Hot UK Deals members have received a number of emails from HM Revenue & Customs, offering tax refunds and requesting the recipients click through to a website:

Bitterwallet - HMRC scam emails sent to users

It's a nonsensical premise to begin with, too good to be true, and that's the case here - it's a phishing scam; an official-looking email address masks the real address, and the site you're asked to visit will require sensitive information to process your refund. You can read more about reported phishing attacks on the HMRC website; if you receive such an email, you're requested to forward it on to [email protected].


  • Klingelton
  • Stu
    Yeah its real fill it in and you will get a refund. I just had an email to claim 988.50 GBP. Filled it in and got my refund straight away......... Only fill it in if you don't no what phishing scams are.
  • Alex
    The real give away is the "3-6 days" bit. HMR&C often sit on stuff for months before they even open an envelope, let alone do any actual data entry.
  • paolo
    It depends what you mean by your eloquently phrased, though slightly SHOUTY, posting? Is dis real? No, it's a scam - that's what the article is about. Is dis really a scam? Yes, that's what the article is about. I hope this clarifies matters to your satisfaction?
  • william
    I hearby declare, wtf is this real to actually mean I like small boys.
  • Klingelton
    damn, so when other people did it, it was funny. did i take it too far?
  • stinkybeard
    Do you William?, really?
  • Big B.
    ace news!

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