HMRC boss Hartnett gets golden handshake from tax-dodging corporations. Sort of...

It’s a sad time for some of the biggest corporations in the UK. Their good friend Dave Hartnett, HMRC boss and the man who has negotiated tax reductions for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Vodafone (THAT £7 billion let-off, remember?) is retiring.

Before he hangs up his calculator and says goodbye to his busy schedule of expensive lunches, Dave gave an after-dinner speech at what has been described as an ‘elite tax avoidance conference’ in Oxford. A shadowy group of ‘black tie activists’ who call themselves The Intruders got wind of this and paid a visit in order to present Dave with a special award and sing him a song.

It all goes quite well until they get called ‘trespassing scum’. Remember, we’re all in it together…


  • oliverreed
    Down Robert, down!
  • Sicknote
    A great idea but poorly executed by a bunch of pussy sixth formers.
  • LancerVancer
    So, i had like this really great idea for myself and Tarquin. Lets go and make a really awkward little film and look like a bunch of silly billys.
  • Dunky
    Eat the rich!
  • Shifty n. how he stands there like a twat, and Robert the fat fucker calling them trespassing scum Yeah can imagine Robert being a ****
  • comecon
    The elitist scum in that room should all be shot for treason. Bunch of bastards!

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