Free money from the Council. Calm down.

child moneySome people (not us) have suggested that people in the North* are not as savvy or financially astute as those down South. This is not so. Reports from the Wigan News prove that Scousers are, in fact, the most deal-savvy punters in the country by getting cashback from the Council, when they didn't actually spend any money.

You see, owing to a Governmental commitment to reduce Council Tax in Wirral by 2-3%, thousands of householders will be receiving a nice little rebate from Wirral Council. Now that is nice, but is essentially only giving you back part of what you have paid out in council tax charges, right?

Actually, no. You see, because the rebate applies to everyone, every householder in the Wirral will get the rebate. Including the 29,000 households who don’t actually pay any council tax, because they get 100% council tax benefit. That’s right, £680,000 will be paid out as a rebate to people who didn’t actually pay anything in the first place.

Labour councillor Phil Davies tutted loudly and said the whole scheme “smacks of an election bribe” while council leader Jeff Green came up with an ingenious way of covering his embarrassed backside by claiming the measure helped the “poorest people in Wirral”, and practising his "we did it on purpose" face.

A spokesman said that it was possible that not all of the 29,000 had received 100% benefit for the whole year.  So that’s OK then.

* if you are from the South East, this means anywhere north of Watford.


  • Craig A.
    My, aren't we all mixed up, we've got the Wigan News, happy Scousers (from Liverpool btw) and a Labour councillor saying this helped the porest people in the Wirral. I think you need a map, mate, or glasses - take your pick!
  • Craig A.
  • haggis
    In before the 'benefit scrounger' brigade turn up. The only people who receive 100% council tax benefit are the severely disabled. Those on job-seekers allowance and income support receive a council tax benefit of around 90%, so they will not be receiving any 'free money.'
  • zax
    haggis, what u on abt mate? All these asylum seekers get 100% council tax benefit. Thats how an Afghan gets to live in a £1m villa with her near-football team of 8 chavs
  • mrwhite
    But people getting CTB get billed and then separately credited, so those getting council tax benefit will get it recredited to the people who paid... ie back to the benefits departement not sent a brown envelope with a cheque in... making a story from one thats not there ?
  • samuri
    £23.44 not worth moaning about really is it
  • Colin
    The only people who receive 100% council tax benefit are the severely disabled. Those on job-seekers allowance and income support receive a council tax benefit of around 90% Rubbish
  • haggis
    @ Colin. If you're going to disagree evidence please. I was on JSA for a couple of months last year, with income support housing benefit and council tax benefit. I still had to pay £20+ a month council tax.
  • Jeebus
    Further to Mr. Atherton's post: The correct term for someone from the Wirral is plastic scouser or "plazzy". This is because whenever any mentions anything mildly positive about Liverpool (the football teams - in the eighties at least, the Beatles, UNESCO site, etc) they're happy to bleat on about being "Scouse." Yet whenever some of the negatives are brought up (the rampant drug and gun crime - only 3 shootings in Liverpool last weekend, the crime against decency that was desperate scousewives - needless say half the cast or so were plazzies and high unemployment - >90% in some streets) they mysteriously forget their "Scouse" heritage and then they're from the Wirral. Brick up the Mersey Tunnel I say.
  • Phuck Y.
    Oh joy, more of my money to pay for the chavs.
  • Phuck Y.
    Actually, Haggis. Most people out of work, don't get council tax benefit, if there is someone else earning in the household. Thus people who have been paying into the pot for years get nothing. Whilst those who can't be bothered get everything. So Phuck Yu.
  • The B.
    * if you are from the South East, this means anywhere north of Watford. Surely that should read ** if you are from the South East, you're the poor bastards that'll be paying for this in the end.
  • Alexis
    Meh. I always thought the economy could be boozed by giving everybody a wad of cash e.g. by giving us the money back we've all spent on RBS.
  • Alexis
    Boozed? Boosted even. That'll probably be my 10am can of Special Brew on my mind.
  • Phuck Y.
    The economy 'IS' boozed Alexis.
  • brian
    @ Colin If you're in receipt of Income Based JSA/IS or even if your income is below a certain threshold you will receive full Council Tax Benefit, you don't need to be disabled to receive 100% of the benefit. If you have any other adults living with you there may be a non-dependant deduction taken and the intention of this is for the non-dep to pay their share of the Council Tax due. If you want evidence feel free to trawl through the CTB regulations. Reg 12 Schedule 1 would be a good starting point.
  • LanceVance
    I think the time has come to legalise weed. And speed. And coke. And heroin. And crack. And pcp. Come on, we all know its the right thing to do.
  • The P.
    Oh dear, you Brits and your welfare system, we don't need one in the States as we're all so rich and our economy is always booming. You really wouldn't be welcome in our restaurant, you're all far too ugly, smelly, cheap and rancid.
  • One-stop R.
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